Facebook Owner Erases Apple’s Apple From His MacBook With Photoshop

Every time Zuckerberg uploads a photo working, someone takes the lace. A few days ago, the founder of Facebook uploaded a photo to Instagram in which he appeared surrounded by McDonalds products while he licked his lips and worked with his laptop. However, everything seems to indicate that Zuckerberg has deleted the little apple from his Mac. Is there hostility between Apple and Meta?

Tension between Meta and Apple?

«Celebrating McDonald’s joining Workplace with a box of 20 McNuggets, a quarter pounder and fries. I’m loving it.«»

With that text, Mark Zuckerberg was celebrating that the fast food giant had just joined workplace, Meta’s business communication service. And, although Zuckerberg’s message seems totally harmless, it didn’t take long for users to appear who detected that the Meta CEO’s laptop is actually a MacBook to which the apple has been erased by Photoshop.

Deleting the apple from MacBooks is very common when advertising at a professional level, and it is also a mandatory requirement when uploading images to stock banks. This is because there may be conflicts for reasons of intellectual property. However, no one is required to remove a logo when uploading a post to a social network. According to some users in forums, the fact of deleting the laptop logo is a totally premeditated actionSo editing the image and using the clone buffer or patch takes a while. Between the lines, Zuckerberg could be showing his rejection of Tim Cook’s company. But what is the reason?

It all goes back to Cambridge Analytica

According to 9to5Macall this is due to a discussion they had in 2019 Tim Cook and Mark Zuckerberg. in full Cambridge Analytica scandalZuckerberg is believed to have asked Cook how he was going to ‘handle the fallout’ from the scandal. Cook’s response was that the company should “delete any information it has collected about people outside of its core apps.” Apparently, Zuckerberg did not like the position of the CEO of the Cupertino company. Since then, Meta has been at war with Apple and Tim Cook.

Apparently, Meta executives now use Android phones, and the company defends that Apple has absolute dominance in the mobile market and that it uses the App Store as a monopoly, something that companies like Spotify or Epic Games also share.

For his part, Tim Cook has not been silent either. The CEO of Apple considers that ‘Facebook prioritizes commitment to privacy’. He also believes that this social network is designed to generate polarization and fuel violence. In fact, in an interview in which Cook was asked how he would get out of a scandal like Cambridge Analytica, the Apple man replied by saying that he would never have gotten into that situation, revealing between the lines that he has a series of values other than Zuckerberg’s.

What is clear is that as much as Zuckerberg hates Apple and Tim Cook, the same does not happen with their products. And it is that, once you get used to macOS, it can be difficult to return to Windows. Already in 2016, the founder of the social network took a photo in which a MacBook was also seen, but with the covered webcam, which means that Facebook has been using Apple computers for years. Will hydroalcoholic gel be poured after touching your MacBook?

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