Facebook tests adding Discord-like audio channels for its Groups

While we’ve seen Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Snapchat battle each other for years by offering unique and differentiated experiences, today social networks have chosen to simply mimic and replicate some of the most popular features of their competition. to try to secure its users.

However, as they have shared in the latest publication on their official blog, on this occasion the Meta company has decided to leave its usual framework to add some audio channels to your Facebook Groups, sharing a design and functionality quite similar to those offered on Discord servers.

The change is one of several updates the social network is testing. The company is also experimenting with other types of “channels,” essentially subgroups within each Facebook group, where members can discuss specific topics. There are community chat channels, which organize group message threads around topics relevant to a given group; as well as community feed channels, which are thematic spaces within the group.

On the other hand, Facebook is also testing a new sidebar which will make all user groups more prominent in your app (and have dedicated shortcuts for creating new channels). For now, all of these features are tests that will only be available to a small subset of users, but the company intends to roll out the changes more widely over time.

Some changes that, although they will offer great utility to users, seem to be more motivated by the great facelift that Facebook is looking for, which began with the change of name of the parent company, and which it seems to want to leave as far behind as possible. some of the points and signs of identity of this social network, only in the absence of shedding its most visible face.

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