Facebook wants you to call by WhatsApp with its new Portal

Portal Go, now without cables (or almost)

Facebook’s new Portal Go is the second version or evolution of those first Portal and Portal + devices that the company launched a few years ago, in 2018 to be exact. At that time they were a kind of smart speakers with a screen that, among other things, seemed to be designed mainly for the subject of video calls, to bring Facebook options to users without having to depend on a computer or other mobile device .

Now Facebook launches Portal Go and basically it could be said that it is the same. Ok, even less spectacular due to design issues and because we are already very used to solutions of this type, although it does have something striking: it will not depend on a cable. Or almost, because you will still need it to charge the battery that it incorporates and allows you to earn that surname of Go.

The Portal Go is a kind of mix between tablet and smart speaker with display. We say the first thing because it is a product that you can easily take from one place to another in the house, as if it were a tablet. For this it has a handle at the top that helps in this action.

Of course, the most interesting thing is that it has a charger that together with a small magnetic base, in the style of the Apple Watch or the MagSafe charger of the iPhone, facilitates both connection and disconnection when you want to move it from one place to another.

Regarding the technical characteristics of the product itself, we have to 10 inch screen It offers a resolution of 1,280 x 800 pixels. Although the pixel density is not much compared to what we can have in devices such as mobile phones, for the use made of this type of product it is more than enough. Because the idea is to take advantage of the screen for video calls basically, although it can also be used for other interactions.

The camera that allows these video calls through WhatsApp It is 12 MP and a lens or wide angle lens to cover a good angle of view. This also gives rise to the possibility of enjoying that feature that is so fashionable right now and other devices such as the latest iPhone or the Amazon Echo Show offer and that allows the user to continue reframing the image.

Along with a speaker system that logically also incorporates, this Facebook Portal Go also integrates a battery that offers about 5 hours of autonomy when used for calls and almost triples when used for the reproduction of music or podcasts.

Facebook Portal + is renewed

If Portal go is true that it can be the most striking of both devices for that portable approach, the company also presented a new version of your existing Portal +. This new model is more designed for shared use and hence one of its novelties: home mode.

At the design level it is similar to what was already had in the previous version, with a 14 ″ tilted screen, Smart camera and integration with different services such as Messenger, WhatsApp, Zoom, deezer, Spotify and even support for Alexa.

Of course, home mode is one of the most interesting additions since it would allow several users to make use of it without your data being compromised more personal. That is, the rest of the users will not have access to that information that they might not want to share. Thus in the home or even other environments it could be used without much privacy problem.

Four Facebook Portal devices

With the addition of these two new models, the Facebook Portal device catalog grows to a total of four: Portal TV (camera to place on the TV), Portal, Portal Go and Portal +. So if you ever used or thought about getting one, now you have more to choose from.

Of course with prices that go from 169 euros to 369 euros, maybe not everyone is willing to get one of them compared to other possible devices that offer the same. Not counting the reluctance that many have to be directly from Facebook.

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