Facebook will modify its rules to “protect” public figures

Facebook is one of the most popular social networks today, with millions of active users who daily enter to view and share different content, it has become one of the tools so indispensable that its recent fall became world news.

Currently, many people with a certain fame have the opportunity to create a public profile on Facebook, which will allow them to share their content with users of the service. However, being an open space, many times the content of the creators is not well received and is filled with people who criticize it, for this reason is that Facebook I could change the rules very soon.

According to Reuters reports, Facebook will add new functions for evaluating comments and content, seeking to reduce negative comments in situations that do not merit it. On the other hand, the social network will also consider as public figures to all those people who are journalists and also activists, in fact the process to register as a journalist is already active from the settings menu.

Facebook continues to lead

Currently, the platform has two thousand 800 million of active people in just one month, the method of reviewing comments has been controversial for certain people but now Facebook’s policies seek to eliminate content that comes from multiple accounts that seek to attack people who in the real world could suffer some kind Of damage.

All this seeks to balance freedom of expression and protect public figures, preventing them from being attacked in the real world, reinforcing all these measures and preventing harassment of them, in the same way, deleting groups, images or publications that seek to attack this type of figures. this includes physical or even biological descriptions.

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