Faced with cyber attacks, here is the ultimate antivirus for your Mac (at -60%)

Intego is the leader in Mac cybersecurity for home and business. With more than 30 million customers and a recognized know-how since 1997, it is the best antivirus on Mac. In addition, a special Christmas offer should convince you to take the plunge.

Every day we hear about a new major cyberattack. The victims are counted each year in the thousands, both individuals and professionals. If you have a device with sensitive data that is connected to the internet, you absolutely need to protect it. On PC as on Mac, an antivirus is compulsory.

Whether it is to protect professional data or personal documents (photos, videos, etc.), having a good antivirus is a good solution for peace of mind. Be careful, you have to opt for a quality antivirus with a good reputation. Actors like Intego, Bitdefender or McAfee have been known for more than 20 years for their cybersecurity solutions.

If Bitdefender and McAfee are known for Windows, the benchmark antivirus on Mac is Intego. The latter was voted “best antivirus for macOS” by AV-Test a few months ago. It focuses exclusively on this operating system and has tens of millions of customers to its credit.

For the end of the year, Intego has decided to give a flower to its new customers: its basic antivirus with firewall is priced at 19.99 euros per month instead of 49.99 euros. This is 60% savings that you can achieve in the first year. To have the chance to experience this excellent tool, it is a very good choice.

I take advantage of the Intego antivirus

Why choose this antivirus on Mac?

Since 1997, Intego has been known for its antivirus. The publisher has always focused only on Apple computers and their operating system. Its know-how is no longer to be proven. Several independent cybersecurity experts claim thatIntego is able to identify 100% of all viruses on Apple machines.

Unlike more traditional Mac antiviruses, Intego understands the needs of its users: they want maximum security and minimum inconvenience. By downloading software, you can be sure that you won’t be bothered with incessant warning messages. It also does not slow down your machine, or heat up your Mac without explanation. In short, you let it run and it takes care of your security with complete discretion.

As part of the Christmas offer, Intego is combining its antivirus with a firewall that helps protect you on public Wi-Fi. If you want to go even further, the company also offers a formula that combines all its tools: antivirus, firewall, Mac cleaner, back-up and parental control. Called Mac Premium Bundle, this formula also benefits from a reduced price: 29.99 euros per year instead of 84.99 euros.

We would tend to advise you to go on the latter because it is more complete. For example, its automatic backup tool provides you with additional security for your data. If ever your Mac computer is taken hostage (by ransomware), your data is stored and encrypted on a remote server for retrieval at any time.

Likewise, Intego is well known for its Washing Machine. It is software that cleans your drive and speeds up your computer. It’s a bit similar to a CleanMyMac, except it’s significantly cheaper. To give you an order of comparison, CleanMyMac is sold for 39.99 euros per year on its own. With Intego, for 10 euros less, you have all of its software.

Clearly, this special Christmas offer cannot be refused. You take no risk in opting for this Intego antivirus. Whether it’s the software alone or the Mac Premium Bundle, you’re getting a really good deal. This formula is non-binding, so you don’t take any risk. At this price, you might as well try it.

To discover Intego, it’s here:

I take advantage of the safety pack

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