Faced with high demand for future MacBook Pros, Apple signs Luxshare Precision Industry

In early July, news broke that Apple was looking for other suppliers for mini-LED displays. Apple has problems supplying screens of this type for its current 12.9-inch iPad Pro, but especially for the screens of the next MacBook Pro. This has led the company to seek additional suppliers and has found Luxshare Precision Industry.

Apple expects a great demand for the next MacBook Pros, and for this reason, given the scarcity of resources to be able to produce Mini-LED screens for all its devices, it has recruited an additional supplier of this type of screens. Apple is gearing up for a huge demand for its upcoming redesigned 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. For this reason, according to rumors, it has allegedly hired a second supplier for the mini-LED screens that will be installed in these terminals, According to DigiTimes.

Apple has added to Luxshare Precision Industry as the second largest provider of surface mount technology (SMT) for mini-LED displays. Currently it is only supported by SMT, or Taiwan Surface Mounting Technology, as its supplier for SMT processes on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro mini-LED and the upcoming MacBook Pros.

The next MacBook Pros are more than likely to be in high demand thanks to several long-awaited features and changes. Of course, we will have a new generation Apple Silicon along with a new chip that is even more powerful and versatile. But it is also expected that they come with a great and important redesign: flat edges, elimination of the touch bar and additional ports. This will create a strong demand and Apple does not want the same thing to happen to it as with the iPad Pro. Strong demand and a shortage of products due to the lack of components.

Apple is preparing for the nearest future.

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