Facephi closed 2022 exceeding 22 million euros in sales

The Alicante technology company Facephi for digital identity verification has announced, through its latest report, a growth in its business figures of more than 69% with respect to the previous year. Translated into figures, represents a sales level of 22.2 million euros, which translates as its best historical data. The company is not only growing financially, but also expanding faster geographically, acquiring new customers and opening up hitherto untapped sectors.

The biometrics is revolutionizing the market in recent years and this has been taken advantage of by the company that runs Javier Look to develop facial recognition programs. To this is added that the company is following a limitless strategy where it seeks to expand its business internationally, especially thanks to its groundbreaking platform of biometric solutions, Facephi Identity Platformwhich alone has represented 55.98% of total sales. And it is that with this platform any company, regardless of its size or sector, can revolutionize its digital transformation.

Facephi’s 2022 in economic data

If the work carried out for its own asset is also taken into account, the billing figures reach 26 million euros. Facephi obtains an ebitda (net profit free of taxes, amortization and depreciation) of €4.31 milliona figure infinitely higher than the 1.8 million euros registered in 2021. Similarly, if operating results (ebit) are taken into account, they reach €1.82 million compared to the 602,000 that were registered at the end of the previous year.

If we analyze the data by year, we appreciate that in 2014 its business figures were 0.032 million euros and its ebitda of -0.99, negative data in this range that was also maintained in 2015. From 2016 it achieved exponential growth, registering 2 million and an ebitda of 0.86 million euros. As of 2019, its growth showed that it was gradual and exponential year after year, since in said course it reached 8.20 million euros in business figures and 0.86 in ebitda. During the pandemic it did not stop growing eitherwhich demonstrates the great evolution of the company, closing 2020 and 2021 with 7.27 and 13.16 million euros of business figures, respectively, as well as an ebitda of 0.86 and 1.86 million euros, respectively .

Expansion of your client portfolio

The technology company from Alicante currently has a total of 250 clients, surpassing by more than a hundred those it had in 2021, which translates into an increase of 50%. Is undisputed leader in identity verification in the financial industry, since more than 200 banks from 25 different countries bet on their products, with a retention rate of 95%. Companies like Aena, Banco Santander and CaixaBank bet on Facephi.

The company’s presence in new sectors, such as mobility, adds to its presence in other regions such as Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic. This is how Facephi has decided to open two new subsidiaries, one in Montevideo that covers Latin American demand, and another in London that meets the needs of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa). And it is that the key to success, according to Mira himself, lies in his ability to offer a more flexible and adaptable product to the needs of the global marketwhich is in a process of constant evolution.

New Horizons

Given its good growth figures, which show that not all of the technology sector is suffering from the global economic recession, the company has decided to increase its workforce by 30%, closing 2022 with more than 220 employees of which almost 70% are technical profiles. According to data from BME Growth, where it is listed, in recent months has increased its personnel expenses by 52%.

This allows them not only to evolve in the field of digital identity verification, but also to enter new fields such as cryptocurrencies and the gambling. And it is that, precisely in the year of its tenth anniversary, Facephi does not want to understand limits and wants to continue growing in favor of new technologies and market opportunities that are opening up throughout the world.

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