FaceTime or Skype? Know the advantages of each one

These programs allow us to carry out remote work meetings as video sessions with family members and spread throughout the world. When deciding to use one of these popular softwares, we must check which one best suits our needs.

FaceTime, ideal for Apple users

FaceTime is Apple’s calling and video calling service, specially developed for be used on an iPad, Mac or iPhone. This application offers a wide variety of functionalities and tools to perform all kinds of tasks related to sending text messages, voice messages, videos, etc. How could it be otherwise, its great advantage lies in its perfect timing with all Apple devices that we have. Thanks to this, we can start a video call from the iPhone and continue it from the Mac. Likewise, we can receive FaceTime notifications on any of our Apple devices, as long as we have the same user account on all of them.

This great advantage makes it a product especially suitable for Apple users with different devices since it is completely free. In the same way, its exclusivity, the bitten apple brand, also makes it its main drawback, since it does not have compatibility to be used on Windows computers, not even on Android phones. This works against it with respect to Skype, a more open tool especially aimed at the business environment.

Skype, multi-device and good number of functions

We may be facing the video call program most popular worldwide developed by Microsoft. It is a very easy tool to install on practically any type of device. And it is that one of its great advantages is that it is multi platform, so we can use it on computers with Windows, macOS and Linux, as well as on mobile devices with Android and iOS. It allows meetings of up to 50 people at the same time, and offers the possibility of making voice-only calls, videoconferencing or even communicating using text via chat.

Skype Windows

This communication tool allows us to share screen, record video calls, make instant translations and allows us to create both individual and group chat rooms. Along with the ability to make free calls and video calls over the Internet. In addition, it allows you to make calls to landlines and mobiles, in this case payment, for which we can check bonuses. In this way it becomes a cheaper alternative for international calls. Its main disadvantage with respect to FaceTime is that it does not have the same integration system, so consumes a lot of RAM. In addition, the image quality is not the best in that the connection speed does not accompany

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