Failed to unlock iPhone 13, troubleshooting scanners and much more. Best of the week on I’m from Mac

This week ended the month of September and we enter fully into the month of October with the hope that Apple will move some tab on the presentation or not of the new 14-inch and 16-inch MacBook Pros. It is known that Apple wants to carry out this presentation, but there are no specific dates and we may have some more news this coming week.

As long as this does not happen in I am from Mac we continue to see and share all the news, rumors and other details of the Cupertino company. So let’s see some of these most outstanding news from the last week of September.

We start with the news that affects users of the new iPhone 13 and that it is not good at all. A problem in the software prevents these users from being able to unlock the iPhone 13 with the Apple Watch and the mask on.

Face ID mask iPhone

The following news is somewhat more positive and also refers to a problem after an update but in this case with the scanners. Apple fixed a bug in macOS 11.6 that affected the scanner functions and gave an error when connecting.

In the following news we discussed a high power mode in macOS Monterey. A high-power mode that will delight those who need it at a certain time all the power that the MacBook can give.

96W MacBook Charger

To finish we share another news that the less arouses the curiosity of Apple followers and the media. Delivery times for 16-inch MacBook Pro 96W chargers they last between two and three months.

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