Fall in love with your voice in Teams with these changes for the microphone

Especially over the last few months, applications focused on allowing us to communicate with other users via video, chat, or voice have become very widespread. However, this is a trend that has been accompanying us for years through various specific applications. Here we want to focus on one of the most popular and used as it is Microsoft Teams.

This is one of the many proposals that the software giant offers us within its wide range of products. Although it is true that this same firm offers us Skype for years, we can also make use of the aforementioned application. We must keep in mind that Teams is valid for both desktop computers and mobile devices. Furthermore, if we focus on the first modality, we can install the client on our computeror make use of your web version.

It is very likely that many of you already know first-hand that this application allows us to communicate with users from all over the world through the Internet. For this we can make use of the image, the voice or the keyboard. To all this we must add the enormous amount of additional functions that it offers us to facilitate this type of tasks. Due to all this it is important that we use quality components and also configure them correctly. Here we refer to elements of the importance of the loudspeakers, the webcamthe screen of the team, or microphone.

Along these same lines, we want to focus on this last element that we will surely make enormous use of in Microsoft Teams. We will talk about some changes that you can make in its configuration and use to improve it in the program.

Configure the microphone in Teams and improve communication

You can already imagine that this is a key component when it comes to communicating via voice or through video conferencing in Teams. However, we will not always want this element to be active in all the communications we make. Therefore, the first thing we are going to tell you is that you have the possibility of turn the microphone on or off in the program with a single keyboard shortcut.

By default it is deactivated, but we can activate it through the program’s configuration, specifically in the Privacy section. From that moment we can use the key combination Ctrl + Space to turn this item on or off.

Also, once we start a meeting in this Microsoft application, we find a button that activates or deactivates the microphone just by clicking on it. We find this in the lower left corner of the videoconference window. To access other configuration options in it, we just have to click on the gear-shaped button in the lower right corner. Here we will have the possibility of choose audio device that we want to use in this program.

And it is possible that we are working with a laptop that has a integrated microphone which is generally not of great quality. Therefore, if we have connected another element of this additional type, here we can select it to improve the sound output in Teams.


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