Famous phrases with which you can instantly recognize series

It is the job of the scriptwriters (and also of the translators) to be able to make their stories transcend in the television series and, for that, nothing better than writing a transcendental phrase with golden letters, or a tagline of a character, so that the audience quickly identifies who we are talking about. A kind of “I am your father” but on the small screen. So that is what we bring you today, six phrases that will bring to mind the name of a series that you have kept in your heart.

Phrases you know and you know what series they are from

So we won’t delay any longer. Here you have 6 phrases that you have surely heard at some time and that they will give you fond memories of the many hours you have spent in front of the television. Even before the arrival of streaming platforms.

As you take? (How You Doin’) – FRIENDS

Although Joey originally said “How You Doin’?” in English, for the Spanish dub of friends They opted for “How are you doing?” It doesn’t matter what language you say it in, when those words are pronounced, someone is trying to flirt.

Oh my God! They have killed Kenny… Sons of…! – South Park

South Park It is one of the funniest, most brutal and irreverent animated series in history and, as you know, in all the chapters Kenny, one of the kids in the gang, has to die. So when that happens, his three colleagues can’t help but blurt out this sentence which, effectively, is already part of our most colloquial jargon.

I am not in danger, I am the danger (I am not in danger, I am the danger) – Breaking Bad

First of all warn of a small SPOILER. If you haven’t seen the series… pass by. This quote from Walter White in breaking bad It is mythical because it is the one he pronounces when everything begins to fall apart and his wife finds out the truth and, moreover, believes that he is in danger because of his business related to drug trafficking. When it turns out to be the opposite.

The truth is out there – The X-Files

X Files

Who does not remember the X Files from the 90s of the last century? It was then that the promotional phrase of the series became really famous. Or have you never heard it after seeing it? Even television programs that talk about strange phenomena have resorted to it to gain a more mysterious atmosphere. TRUE?

If you’re coming for the king, you better not miss – The Wire

Omar Little is the character of TheWire who pronounces this phrase that has become a kind of maxim of everyone who wants to seize power. Even in our country, some politician has wanted to appropriate it.

Norm! – Cheers

If in the 80s you were watching television after eating, surely you remember cheers. That bar in which a character, Norman, whenever he entered through the door was received by the Coach to the sound of the same ditty. Silly, it became one of the most anticipated moments of each chapter.

Cane here! – The one that is coming

It is the most prolific Spanish series in terms of coined phrases that, just by pronouncing them, quickly take us to the Mirador de Montepinar. But we have stayed with the most popular, the one that is most used in bars throughout Spain. ( Or perhaps you have not emulated at some time in your nights out this phrase of the one that is coming what was said in the Max & Henry? Feel like Amador!

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