Famous tiktoker murdered his wife and a friend: hours before he spied on them through his daughter’s iPad

JinnKid, a recognized tiktoker 29 years old who has almost a million followers, was accused by the murder of his still wife and of a man with whom she conversed; according to official information, the events occurred in the past Thursday, October 21 in the Spire building, a luxurious San Diego skyscrapers, California, in the United States.

According to local media, Ali Nassar Abulaban, the green name of the social media star, shot his wife Ana Abulaban, already Rayburn Barron Chains when they were in the women’s department; although the tiktoker tried to escape after picking up her five-year-old daughter from school, the authorities managed to arrest him, as he was still armed.

The man was immediately imprisoned – and without the right to pay – in the San Diego Central City Jail, accused by the double homicideHowever, this Monday during a hearing, the tiktoker did not plead guilty despite having confessed that he had done so, arguing that his wife had cheated on him.

The man detailed in his appearance that hours before committing the crime, he installed a device on the iPad of their daughter in common, just five years old, with which he could listen to what was happening around him. It was then that he discovered that the woman “lied to him” and went to the skyscraper, and then shot her and her companion. Security cameras caught the moment JinnKid exited the elevator and ran to the apartment.

Made a fuss when she left him

According to information given during the hearing by Deputy District Attorney Taren Brast, Ali Nassar and Ana had separated on October 18, so he lived in a hotel, however, before committing the double homicide, the popular tiktoker had broke into and vandalized the apartment of his daughter’s mother, That same day was when he took the opportunity to hack the girl’s tablet to install the spy device.

The now accused of double homicide is known in the famous short video application due to the parodies he usually does about Tony Montana, emblematic protagonist of the classic film “Scarface”, he has approximately 940 thousand followers on TikTok.

In addition to the fact that Ali will continue to be detained in San Diego without the right to bail, he also has a protection order against him so that he does not approach his daughter. Some local media suggest that, if the influencer is found guilty, he could be sentenced to death.

With information from CBS and Daily Mail


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