Fan of online games? This is the minimum internet speed you need

Actually, there is no minimum speed in many cases. Yes, a few years ago the speed of the internet connection was indicated among the requirements of the game. Now, this data does not appear since it is assumed that the user will have fiber optics at home or, failing that, a good connection.

Is there a minimum internet speed to play?

When we play online speed of our connection is importantbut there is more factorsto take into account Just as important (or more) is the ping or latency. There are other factors that can alter our online gaming experience, such as software running in the background, devices connected to the router or the router itself.

We are going to start with the minimum speed recommended for most cases and, above all, for eSports games like CSGO, Dota 2, LoL, etc. For these types of games, a 25 Mbps upload speed and one of 5 Mbps download, As minimum.

Something quite interesting PS5, is that Sony recommends minimum internet speeds. According to the company, the ideal are 50 Mbps upload and 30 Mbps upload. These data can be applied to more modern and “heavy” games such as Modern Warfare 2.0.

minimum internet speed

All this is considering that we are only going to have the computer connected to the router, nothing more. Note that, although we do not know it, there are many software that connect to Internet in the background. What it does is consume part of the bandwidth.

But, in addition, today we have many devices that connect to the internet via Wi-Fi. So the more devices, the more internet connection width we will need to avoid suffering from lag.

one is recommended Internet connection of 100 Mbps upload and 50 Mbps downloadIf the descent to the ascent were symmetrical, the better. It should be enough to enjoy the best gaming experience possible without being affected by the other devices.

internet modern warfare 2

Aspects such as latency or the router

While your internet connection is important, it’s not the only critical factor in all of this. The first important aspect to take into account is the router that establishes the gateway to the internet. The routers of the operators are quite basic and sometimes they do not do their job well and do not offer configuration solutions.

We can find high-quality routers on the market that allow you to assign connection priorities. This means that we could tell the router that our computer has preference over the rest. In addition, this router must be as robust as possible.

We also have latency or ping. Simply explained, it is the time it takes our router to communicate with a server. Latency in games is critical, since it can mean losing or winning the game. It is considered ideal that the latency is less than 20 ms. The optimum would be to move below 50-60 ms. If we’re going to play with a low bottom rate, we’ll see bumps, stutters, and other graphical glitches.

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