Fan of The Lord of the Rings? There is a wordle for you

At this point, who has not done a custom wordle It’s because he didn’t want to. The little shame and the picaresque have made Josh Wardle’s invention spread all over the world, with dozens of Impossible versions based on the original game. If the football version of Wordle already seemed difficult to you, get ready for this other one inspired by the legendarium Tolkien’s.

Lordle of the Rings. A game that lasts longer than lembas bread

Josh Wardle invented the Wordle. Within a few months, the little game became popular. Then a Spaniard arrived, copied the code and created Wordle ES. And then came the themed wordle and finally the creator endorsed the game to the New York Times for a million dollars. If there is something to be highlighted about Wordle, it is the amount of absurdly complicated versions created solely to do the joke. There is already a Wordle of practically everything, and if there isn’t, we are probably a few hours away from someone motivated to make their version.

Making a tremendous plagiarism of code like the rest of the people, we have among us the Lordle of the Rings. As you may have imagined, it is a wordle inspired by The Lord of the rings.

If you haven’t read the books —and in English—, it’s better that you don’t even try the game, because if you get it right, it will be based on trying your luck. The game keeps basic mechanics to look for words with five letters, but only five-letter terms appearing in Tolkien’s original works are included, including the names of the characters. It could only be more complicated if its creator had chosen to make an elvish version, but let’s not give ideas.

How do they create so many versions of Wordle?

I know. You just saw this and the light bulb has gone off. You want to do your own version of Wordle with former Betis players. Well, you’re in luck

the easy method

If you want to make it easy, there are two websites that will allow you to make a fast wordle, in just seconds, hiding the word you want. The first method is to use, a very simple website where we will write a word and select a language to load the Wordle dictionary. It is available to play in English, Spanish and French. On the other hand, you also have This website is a bit more complex. It also has German, Polish and Italian, as well as an English version that we can add vitamins to our liking. In you can also enter hints to make it easier for your friends.

Good artists copy. The big ones steal

wordle edit

However, more elaborate versions of Wordle do not use this method, but directly steal Josh Wardle’s code. To build your own Wordle you will need a minimum knowledge about websites, as well as a bit of JavaScript.

Basically, all you have to do is delete the huge list of words present in the file main.e65ce0a5.jsand create a new list with 5 letter words respecting the same format of commas and quotation marks. Then you just have to reassemble the web respecting the html format and uploading it to a server, as is the case with the game Lordle of the Ringswhich is uploaded directly to the GitHub servers.

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