Fantastic 32″ Samsung monitor for less than €200!

If you are looking to buy a new gaming monitor, look no further, we bring you the perfect one. This Samsung monitor from its 32-inch gaming line with 1080p resolution is at a price that seems impossible. Now him Samsung Odyssey G3 32-inch monitor is on sale, with a 34% discount.

Currently 1080p resolution is the most used in the video game segment. The reason is none other than being able to achieve a high FPS rate, something important especially in competitive games. With this Samsung gaming monitor that has a brutal size of 32 inches, we can enjoy any game on a huge screen.

32-inch Samsung Odyssey G3

The Odyssey range of gaming monitors, which is owned by Samsung, has become very popular among video game fans. We are talking about monitors designed to play for hours with the best technologies on the market. All of these products are characterized by high refresh rates and really low response times.

This Samsung gaming monitor makes use of a VA-type panel with a colossal size 32 inches. This gaming monitor offers a resolution 1920×1080 pixelswhich is the most common, according to Steam, among video game fans.

Has this screen 250cd/m2 brightness, which falls within what is usual in gaming monitors. It offers a 16:9 aspect ratio and 72% NTSC color coverage.

This monitor has some brutal features. Offers a 165Hz refresh rate, which allows to eliminate the delay and obtain a much more fluid image. So that there is a perfect synchronization between the frames of the graphics card and the refresh rate, the AMD FreeSync technology. Thanks to this technology, flickering and input latency are eliminated. In addition, this monitor offers us a response time of 1 ms, which is the time in which the pixels on the screen change state (color).

Also, Samsung You have taken great care in the design of this monitor LS32AG322NUXEN. It has an ergonomic design that allows us to have a vertical or horizontal configuration, as we want. It also has a borderless design between the sides, in order to offer more gaming surface and a better experience in multi-monitor configurations.

It integrates two modes designed to improve the experience. The first is the Eye Saver technology, which helps reduce the emission of blue light and, therefore, protect our eyes. In addition, it includes the Flicker-Free technologywhich minimizes flickering and thus improves the experience.

The best to enjoy any play

This monitor is a beast, really, it’s one of the best for playing titles like CS:GO, Fortnite and the like, where the refresh rate is very important. In addition, we have a screen size of 32 inches, so we can enjoy sports simulators like FIFA 23 or games with a story like Death Stranding.

Perhaps the point where this monitor is weakest is in video connectivity. It only has one HDMI 1.4 port and one DisplayPort 1.2. It is true that this monitor is only 1080p and that both standards more than meet the maximum refresh rate for this resolution.

The truth is that if this offer had been available a few months ago, when I bought the new monitor, I would have jumped headlong into this one. A bargain this monitor at the price it is currently.

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