Fantastical updates macOS Monterey adding support for Shortcuts

As the days go by after the release of the final version of macOS Monterey, developers are releasing the corresponding updates to their applications adapting to new functionalities that have come from the hand of the latest version of macOS available.

DaVinci Resolve, Pixelmator, Affinity suite have been the first applications that have already been updated. The following has been the Fantastical calendar app, an application that reaches version 3.5 and that adds support for Shortcuts, one of the new functionalities of macOS Monterey.

In addition to the integration with Shortcuts, Fantastical improves meeting management. Instead of entering the data of each of the contacts that will participate, a url can be generated within the app for the event that we can share with all the participants with the method we want.

Another new feature is the visibility of proposals, which means that you can decide whether to share the meeting with everyone who declined to attend. As stated by Fantastical, this function is a good way to “prevent co-workers from arguing who turned down a last-minute meeting.”

It has also been added integration with Webex, plus Zoom, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams. We just have to add the account of the video calling platform to Fantastical so that a new option is displayed within the Meetings menu to send the corresponding invitations.

The time sensitive notifications They have also been added, an option that allows filtering the less important notifications that we receive throughout the day, allowing us to focus on the most important ones.

Fantastcial is available for download completely free of charge but requires a subscription to use it.

Fantastical - Calendar & Tasks (AppStore Link)

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