Farm managers jump on the digitization bandwagon

Digitization reaches all sectors of society and that of estate managers is not an exception. The month of January confirms the upward trend of the previous year, with 165 professional offices that serve some 1.3 million residents They have completed the process that integrates their management software (Gesfincas) through the cloud with financial entities, suppliers and neighbors.

Digitization is unstoppable and today, more than 620 thousand properties in Spain in have the management of their community of owners automated and completely digitized.

Supplier invoices and bank movements of the communities of owners are automatically accounted for through the use of artificial intelligence. The incidents that arise in these communities will be received digitally by the property administrator through different channels (email, TucomunidApp, WhatsApp…) and he will be able to parameterize their automatic assignment to the corresponding supplier, who will be in charge of managing the reception of the work, the resolution status of the incidence and the sending of the invoices through WhatsApp.

Reduction of incident resolution time

The result: more than 98.3% have reduced the use of paper, administrative tasks are eliminated by more than 70% and incident resolution time is reduced by 40%. This success is possible thanks to IESA’s digitization team, which has obtained a very high rating in 87.6% of the offices.

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“We change the lives of property managers: it is the result of combining a team of profiles with extensive experience in office management and digital transformation, with a proven methodology”comments Estela Reyes, director of digitization at IESA. “We are reinforcing the team, since the beginning of the year has been hectic and the demand for the coming months is very high. Property administrators tell us that digitalization is a necessity to continue growing, to be more efficient and to achieve the satisfaction of neighbors who, increasingly, demand digital solutions for their communities of owners”.

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