Fate / Zero, Fate / stay night and Fate / Grand Order: the soundtrack albums of the franchise arrive

By issuing a press release, Aniplex announced the first digital compilation of Aniplex’s anime, movie and game music TYPE-MOON.

Since last July 30, 16 soundtracks have been available, including music from the anime series Fate / Zero, Fate / stay night and games like Fate / Grand Order, Fate / EXTRA CCC And Fate / EXTELLA.

Digital compilations of the soundtracks from the Fate franchise are available

In addition to the acclaimed titles of the Fate Project, additional albums include music from the movie The Garden of Sinners, the anime Case Files {Rail Zeppelin} Grace note of Lord El-Melloi II and the PC game Witch on the Holy Night.

The composers and artists included in the publication are Keita Haga, Hideyuki Fukusawa, Yuki Kajura and other.

The release date of these albums, which is Friday, July 30, 2021, corresponds to the 6th anniversary of the fan favorite mobile game Fate / Grand Order. Of this title, 6 albums are included in the digital compilation.


Type-Moon (rendered as TYPE-MOON) is a Japanese game company co-founded by the author Kinoko Nasu and by the illustrator Takashi Takeuchi, most famous for its visual novel.

After creating the popular visual novel Tsukihime, Type-Moon subsequently took over and produced the famous visual novel Fate / stay nigh, creating a globally successful franchise of anime, manga and video games.

Information on ANIPLEX

Aniplex, a subsidiary of Sony Music Entertainment Japan, is a diversified global entertainment company with a focus on planning and production of anime and music content, distribution of related physical and digital products, development of apps, games, related products and theatrical production of musicals and live events.

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