Father’s bear hug saves daughter from dying in tragic plane crash

Thanks to bear hug what his father did to him, a 11-year-old girl was the only survivor in a tragic plane crash occurred on an island in Michigan, United States. The Island Airways flight had taken off from Charlevoix Airport and just 15 minutes later it crashed as he approached Welke Airport west of the city of Mackinaw.

In addition to the girl identified as Laney Perdue and his father Mike perdueThe pilot, three other people and two dogs were on board on the flight, All died when the aircraft crashed on Beaver Island.

According to Laney’s mother, the last thing her daughter remembers before the plane crashed was that her dad hugged her protecting her from the impacthe declared in a statement to the ABC News television network.

They flew to the island to open a vineyard

Mike Perdue was a real estate agent with a family made up of his wife with whom he had four children, two boys and two girls, including Laney. The flight plan was to see with his daughter a piece of land on Beaver Island where they were thinking of putting up a vineyard, so on Saturday they decided to go visit him.

After the plane crash, Mike protected his daughter by giving her a bear hug. This action ended up saving his life; however, the man suffered the impact of the accident and he died on the way to the hospital to be taken care of.

Laney suffered multiple broken bones and she underwent surgery to save her life. The doctors had to place him implants both in your jaw to align it as well on his left foot.

Thanks to the lucidity with which Laney avoided the accident, the rescue bodies were able to call her mother as soon as possible with the help of the girl who remained alert and attentive to the indications of the rescuers.

I know the cause that could have caused the fall of the plane is unknown of the airline Island Airways that communicated that this was the first accident suffered by the company. The investigation is ongoing.

With information from Daily Mail.


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