Fear of the power outage? These Black Friday deals can help you

It seems unlikely that a power outage for an extended period of time. This is how the relevant authorities are sending it to us so that we do not panic. But after the episodes we have been experiencing in recent years, even pessimists sometimes fall short. If you don’t trust anything and want to be prepared for the worst, here are a few offers what can you catch in the Black friday.

The best Black Friday deals to be prepared for a possible blackout

First of all, don’t panic. The rumor that does not stop spreading and that speaks of a possible electrical blackout is information that has been slightly distorted compared to its original source.

Still, if you want to be prepared in case the flies or if you are simply adventurous and it is good for you to buy some products from basic survival, here we show you a selection of the best offers in Amazon this Black Friday that can be useful in case you do not have electricity for a period of time.

Portable Generator

This product is designed as backup system at home in the event of a power failure. It is also very useful if you go camping or if you have a motorhome with which you travel the world. Has a discount of 140 euros compared to its original price, which is no small thing.

Crank radius

A classic of survival kits. This radio is hand operated with a dynamo mechanism and have one flashlight to be able to get a good light at night. It is very useful whether you are a little paranoid or if you like camping in the middle of the forest, you decide.

Portable solar charger

This little solar panel is flexible. If we place it in a window and get sunlight to shine on it, we can charge small electronic devices. It is designed for people who practice hiking, but it can be of great help if the electricity tap is cut off.

Car Starter + Powerbank

Staying stranded with the car can be a major chore, whether or not it’s the end of the world. This device makes powerbank to charge your devices while having a set of tweezers to resuscitate the your car battery in a moment of trouble. It is on sale this Black Friday applying a 20 euro discount coupon which is applied automatically.


This set of 36 batteries Alkalines can be bought on sale for a very cheap price. If the blackout does not end, you will have a good arsenal and you will not have to remove the batteries from the TV remote to put them in something else for a few months.

Solar outdoor bulbs

It is a kit of 25 led bulbs powered by a solar panel connected to a battery. They do not have great power, since they are decorative bulbs. But if you have a terrace and good sunlight, you don’t have to be blackout to appreciate that it is a good offer both for Christmas and to have some light on summer nights. You can also apply a 5% extra discount with an automatic coupon.

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