Features that you would ask of your perfect audio and video player

Among the many advantages that these programs offer us, it is worth noting that most of them are free. At the same time, they are full of useful functions that facilitate these tasks that we are talking about, but as usual, we always want more. That is why many users prefer to try several media players in order to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Sometimes we can find functions that we miss in our favorite multimedia player, but that we do find in another proposal. Due to all this it is more than likely that if we could, we would design and develop our own player with everything that we consider essential. This is something that becomes especially important if we take into account the enormous use we make of these types of programs today.

At this point, what we could ask ourselves is what we would ask of our perfect multimedia playback software.

Full compatibility with audio and video formats

This is essential in any Program, especially in this type of player. We say this because there are many types of files with which we can cross reference both music and music. video. That is why the perfect player should be compatible with all of them, including the most current ones.

It is evident that in this way we avoid having problems when reproducing any content of this type, be it audio or video.

The media player should hardly consume resources

One of the problems that some of these programs present us is the high consumption of system resources that they require for their correct operation. This is something that becomes especially evident when dealing with high-quality video content, for example 4K. In these situations the player itself should be able to adapt to work correctly with a minimum consumption of external resources.

It should be mentioned that not everyone can do this, perhaps the most prepared are possibly the most widespread throughout the world, such as those mentioned above. however, these programs must be able to adapt to most of the equipment, even if they are a bit old.

Parameters to customize its operation and appearance

Although we ask most of the programs for extreme simplicity in many cases, there are also slightly more advanced users who want to go one step further. This allows them to configure their software according to their needs, something that also affects multimedia players. We tell you this because the perfect software In this sense, it should also be able to operate in a simple way, as well as to offer the necessary configuration parameters to users who require it.

This is something that, for example, we find in the popular VLC, since its configuration screen has a basic view mode, as well as a complete one.

Support for local content and streaming

The reproduction of content through the internet has become an increasingly common element in these times. That is why many users now need programs in client mode that are capable of reproducing their content online. Serve as an example the current Stremio, a software that allows us play videos from our favorite streaming platforms if we have an account on them.

Of course, in addition to all this, a multimedia player of these characteristics must also be capable of playing content locally.

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