Features to better manage Telegram contacts in Windows

Let’s not forget that these messaging services were originally developed for mobile devices. But over time they have spread to desktop environments through their corresponding clients. In this way we can use these platforms in a much more comfortable way, for example from any Windows computer. This is the case of the aforementioned Telegram that has its own UWP application that we can download from the windows official store.

How could it be otherwise, this client that we are commenting on is synchronized practically in real time with our mobile app. In this way, for example, if we are working with our desktop PC, we can have it open and thus communicate with others comfortably from our keyboard and computer screen. But not only that, but the application we are talking about for this platform has a multitude of very interesting functions that will help us. In addition to being able to adapt the user interface to our needs, we have security and management functions.

Next, we are going to talk about a series of parameters that we have the possibility to configure to manage the added contacts in the best way. We must bear in mind that all the changes that we carry out here will also be effective in the application that we have installed on the mobile.

Prioritize or mute a contact

It is more than possible that most of us happen that certain contacts use them more than others in Telegram. Due to all this, it may be the case that instead of having to navigate through our list of chats in search of it, we can set it so that it is always in view. This will be much more convenient and faster for us to communicate with that person.

Well, this is a change that we can carry out in a simple way in the messaging platform client. We only have to click with the right button of the mouse on the corresponding entry and select the option Set above. On the contrary, it can also be the case that certain chats do not interest us.

Telegram options

Thus, instead of eliminating it completely, we have the possibility of silencing the messages it sends us. To do this, we only have to right-click on that contact and select the option to Mute notifications.

Temporarily archive chats or empty them on Telegram

The regulars of this service surely know that it by default stores the chats we have with our contacts. That way we can access these texts and content whenever we want. However, on certain occasions we will not be interested in their following us sending messages and receiving them at the moment. Thus, we have the possibility of both temporarily archiving certain chats, or simply emptying them.

This is something that we can also achieve from the contextual menu by right-clicking on any contact. Here we find the options to Archive chat or Empty chat. If we opt for the first option, the new messages will be saved in the archived chat. All these that we archive will be located at the top so that we can unlock them whenever we want in the future.

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