FEED 2022 consolidates itself as the largest digital talent event in Spain

ANDl April 28 and 29 a new edition is celebrated, specifically the seventh of the Digital Talent Meeting. FEED 2022 is consolidated as the biggest digital talent event and human resources at the national level. The event consists of two very different days to maximize the experience of all attendees, both professionals and candidates.

As we know from various media and studies, we live in a time of great change and both candidates and companies are in danger of becoming obsolete if they do not adapt to the digital age. For two days, more than 5,000 attendees will have the opportunity to have all the necessary tools to know how to succeed in a world dominated by robotics, artificial intelligence, Big Data and virtual reality.

the metaverse

The metaverse in a virtual world to which we will connect using a series of devices that will make us feel that we are really inside said world. To enter the Grupo ADD Metaverse Experience, the FEED organization will make different virtual reality equipment available to attendees with which they will be able to experience a job interview in the metaverse first-hand.

Within said metaverse, both candidates and recruiters will have total freedom of creation so that their avatars can act within said world carrying out different interactions.

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ICT Corner

One of the main dishes will be an TIC Corner with different top-level dynamics aimed at these technological profiles hand in hand with Grupo ADD & TIC Job.

This unique space will feature state-of-the-art speakers along with the participating companies to make a elevator pitch of their technological projects and thus reach these more ICT candidates, highlighting the difficulties and challenges they have in these projects and thus attract these very specific profiles.


The premium zone of FEED VII is called Digital Garden. In this area, the awards for Digital Talent are awarded, and B2B networking among exhibitors is promoted. Every year, the FEED Committee of Experts awards the Digital Talent Awards based on the contribution and dissemination of Digital Talent and Entrepreneurship at a European level.

Some winners from other years have been: Nilton Navarro, Olga Lambea, Marta Juste, Juanma Romero, Antonio Serrano, Pilar Llacer, Alicia Zamorano, Silvia Leal, Alex López López, Sergio Martín, among others.

The prizes to be awarded this year are:

  • Digital Change Impulse Award
  • Digital Communication Award
  • Digital Impulse Award
  • Diffusion of the Digital Age Award
  • Digital Transformation Diffusion Award
  • Support to the Digital Age Award

Likewise, the Startup Europe Awards will be presented, an initiative promoted by the European Commission and the Finnova Foundation to recognize the work of social entrepreneurship projects, innovation, committed to the environment or digitalization.

In this edition the prizes will be awarded Startup Europe Awards 2022 in the categories of:

  • Young Entrepreneurship
  • Life – Energy: Projects that transform waste into energy
  • Social Innovation: Fashion&Employment
  • Forest Management: Recovery of burned spaces
  • Ukraine: those initiatives that help entrepreneurship or companies in Ukraine

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