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I simply say that life makes its way… Dr Ian Malcolm (Jurassic Park, 1993)

The turban, sharpen the mustaches, some more makeup on the eyes…. Ten years ago it was a shirt, tie, cap and hangover. The mustaches were much more serious. Railway mustaches. The mirror gives me the reflection of my room: clothes on the floor, the open closet shows my new and colorful wardrobe. The lamp about to fall. The nightstand covered with books. And my unmade bed. The bed of an insomniac. The same bed where Saanvi spent her last days. painful. endless. The voice that I will not forget is the voice of her last moments: “You have not treated me well pyaar, you have not given me an easy life, but I know that you are a better person than what you have shown me.” She trailed off with those words that went right through me while he held my hand. My life with Saanvi was another life, someone else’s. He used to come home late from the station, drunk. Before he yelled for anything. Before, he raised his hand. Before he despised her. For me it was nothing. Until I lost her and her words turned my existence around. I asked for early retirement and discovered that few appreciated me and nobody missed me at the station.

It is to that same station that I go now as every morning. Astride my bike trying to keep the purple cape out of the spokes, the gold turban out of my view as I wind through the chaotic city traffic. I leave the bike hidden in the back alley where the drivers smoke. They laugh when they see me. I get on the platform. There are still a few minutes left for the train loaded with schoolchildren to arrive. I clear my throat and put on my cape. At last it comes, puffing steam, coming to a slow stop. The children come downstairs, chatting among themselves. Some look at me and point at me. They smile. But a girl of about six years has been left sitting on the floor. Crying. She is barefoot and poorly dressed. I get close. “Good morning princess” she looks at me wiping away her tears. I take a deep bow. By Shiva my powers of divination have never met someone with a brighter future. Life smiles at you princess. Smile to life» I take a handful of candies from the inside pocket of the cloak. She smiles. She touches my nose with her finger. I walk her to school holding her hand “Have you been a magician long?”

Fiat is one of the classic European manufacturers that has been specializing in practical and affordable city cars and has achieved great success with its 500 model, now one of the fashionable electric models with the 500e. To satisfy buyers with larger space needs, the Italian manufacturer launched two versions of the popular 500 years ago with a larger body: the 500L and a model inspired by the popularity of SUV-type vehicles: the 500 X of which we already had the opportunity to try at the time.

Analyzed model Fiat 500X
engine and finish 1.5 Hybrid DDCT Red
Power 131 hp
Maximum speed 194km/h
Acceleration o-100 9.4s
Long wide high 4269/1796/1595mm
max power RPM 131 CV 5,250 RPM (gasoline) 20 CV (electric)
Max Torque Nm/RPM 240Nm
Gearbox 7-speed automatic
Price €31,750

Although this model has been on the market since 2015, it was not until recently that Fiat decided to renew this model without too many aesthetic variations but with a fundamental change for the survival of the 500X on the market: the incorporation of a micro engine. hybrid with zero label. It is a 130-horsepower gasoline engine that on this occasion has a small 20-horsepower electric motor that provides minimal help to move the car and another electric motor that offers starting assistance.

The external appearance of this Red version of the 500X is practically the same as that of the model that we tested at the time. One of the changes is precisely that of the logo, since in this version the logo of the 500 model has been placed on the front with a new look and in red (which gives the version its name) while the brand’s shield on this case is placed behind and in the form of letters without the round plate that the front of the previous generation model sported.

Older brother

The 500X has that air reminiscent of the “small” 500 and which is also inspired by the “historic” 500 that brought about a social and industrial revolution in Italy in the 50s. Perhaps it is the most successful “big” 500 with an aggressive front and that stands out in the front part with a good-sized bumper that shows off black moldings and gray pieces that function as aesthetic elements, where the logo of the range is displayed, but also as a defense for possible scratches for urban driving.

The front is completed with the oval optical groups that maintain the personality of the brand image of the range. The profile of this 500X is inspired by an SUV body but with less height than that offered by other models more akin to the off-road philosophy and in this case closer to the proportions of the volumes of the utility. The black moldings that run along the lower part and the fenders and the spoked wheels give it a very peculiar retro touch.

At the rear, the vertical light groups stand out, which are also inspired by the aesthetics of the utility vehicle, as well as the large bumper that is separated into two parts, the upper one in the color of the body and the lower one that, as in the lower part. The front is made up of black plastic elements and gray plastic moldings. As in the front part, these fulfill an aesthetic function but also protection against bumps and scratches.

practical interior

Inside we find ourselves once again with a generous space and a very simple design with materials such as hard plastic but with “chic” touches such as bright elements in the color of the body, the round indicators with a retro air and the large buttons. round in shape, which in this case are used to activate or deactivate the electric propulsion, activate the emergency lights or turn the passenger airbag function on or off if we have installed a child seat in the passenger seat.

The seats also have aesthetically pleasing details such as red-embroidered trim and the model logo. The design of the seats is enveloping but does not collect as much as it seems, they are also somewhat narrow in the shoulder area so they are not as comfortable as they may appear. The round design headrest is height adjustable. It has a central armrest for greater driver comfort.

In the rear, the space is quite wide and with enough legroom for adults who travel comfortably. There are several storage spaces and it has a connector for charging USB-type devices between the two front seats. The central square in the rear has good padding, although it is the most sacrificed in space in width as usual.

practical trunk

With regard to the trunk, there are no changes either, since the capacity is still 350 liters, which is a good figure for a car of its category, and it has a tray that allows the trunk floor to be placed at two heights with a space hidden under said tray. We found a light point and a 12-volt socket as well as hooks to fix the load so that it does not move with the movements of the car.

Before the dynamic test of the 500X Red, it is necessary to take into account the type of engine that Fiat has incorporated into this model. It is a Mild Hybrid engine that combines a 1.5-liter, 130-horsepower four-cylinder gasoline engine that also has a 48-volt, 20-horsepower electric motor. There is a third electric motor that only works to start the car and at a very low speed so that the internal combustion engine does not have to intervene in these circumstances.

The result of the incorporation of this new addition to the 500X engine range is very positive. Its operation in urban routes is pleasant and provides a smoother ride much greater than with the previous engines of this model. The incorporation of the electric starter motor is very noticeable both in the more immediate response, and in the first meters until the internal combustion engine enters, which also does so smoothly.

Smooth driving

In addition to a more pleasant drive, this incorporation of the two electric motors makes the car more responsive when accelerating from a standstill. In fact, with this engine, the 500X is capable of accelerating to 100 kilometers per hour from a standstill in 9.4 seconds compared to the 10.9 that the 120-horsepower gasoline model that we tested previously took.

On the road, the electric motor helps less since it disconnects at more than 50 kilometers per hour and, on the other hand, the battery is much smaller than what we can find in a traditional hybrid. Even so, the 130 horsepower and 240 Nm of the gasoline engine are enough to move the Fiat with enough ease and face slopes or accelerate for overtaking without too many problems.

The behavior on twisty roads is quite good, although it is not the terrain in which the 500X is most comfortable. Even so, its performance in curves is safe and it responds without problems, although not with too much agility. Another factor that worsens is the sound since obviously when the internal combustion engine starts up the acoustic comfort suffers, although being a four-cylinder the noise of the engine is more rounded and pleasant.

Consumption is one of the strong points of this 500X which, thanks to its micro-hybrid motorization, allows fuel consumption to be maintained on urban routes that can drop below 7 liters per 100 km. On the road it is possible to get quite close to the 5.7 liters per 100 kilometers of consumption declared by the manufacturer in its official figures.


This red 500X from Fiat with the micro hybrid engine is a very interesting evolution for a car that has been on the market for a few years but whose concept and design have not aged badly. Contained consumption, a smoother ride and a more determined throttle response are elements that suit this Italian model wonderfully.

It is a very versatile and comfortable car that does not show off high-level finishes and does not stand out in any section, but it offers a casual aesthetic and many practical elements that favor comfort of use both for use within the city and on highways. and highways. It is definitely an interesting update for a popular model.

Final assessment


A renewal of the Fiat 500X with an interesting engine that makes this model an even more practical car.

infotainment system6.5

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