Fiber is currently 10 € / month with the Bbox fit from Bouygues Telecom

[Le Deal du Jour] Bouygues Telecom is back with a special fiber optic offer for its Bbox fit subscription. The price of the latter goes from 29.99 euros to only 9.99 euros during the first year.

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Bouygues Telecom wants you to switch to fiber more easily (if you are eligible) thanks to its new limited edition offer at a very affordable price. Until August 15, the subscription to the Bbox fit with 300 Mb / s download and 200 Mb / s send currently costs 9.99 euros per month for one year. The commitment is also one year, then the price will increase to 29.99 euros after this period.

If you want even more up and down debits, the Bbox special series subscription is also on promotion at 15.99 euros per month instead of 36.99 euros.

Details of the Bbox fit offer with Fiber // Source: Bouygues Telecom.

To better understand the offer

  • What is included in the Bbox Fit subscription?

In its cheapest offer, Bouygues Telecom still offers unlimited access to fiber optic FTTH, with 300 Mb / s download and 200 Mb / s send. These are broadly sufficient speeds for classic uses, whether streaming or online gaming.

This subscription also includes a telephone line with unlimited calls to landlines in Metropolitan France, the overseas departments and to more than 110 destinations. However, there is no TV decoder.

  • What if I absolutely want a TV decoder?

There is also the special Bbox with fiber offer, which automatically integrates a 4K compatible TV box with more than 100 TV channels and the possibility of downloading many streaming applications, such as Netflix or Disney +. This subscription also offers better speeds, with 500 Mb / s download and 300 Mb / s send.

If you are not eligible for fiber, it is also possible to take advantage of these ADSL offers.

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