FIFA 22 gives another stick to the PC with more exclusives for PS5 and Xbox Series X | S

A very real atmosphere

Taking into account that HyperMotion technology seeks to offer a much more real atmosphere in the middle of the game, EA wanted to take that realism beyond the game. For this, it has incorporated reactions from the commentators and new cinematics that will be related to the achievements that we are achieving with our player. Thus, in addition to the bulletin board that already appeared in previous installments, we will now have a warm welcome from commentators. Of course, only on PS5, Xbox Series and Stadia.

The reason for this decision must once again be a question of resources in the console. New animations are included inside the dressing room, the tasks of the club’s employees and gardeners who check the field, and even cinematics that will show the public leaving early in the middle of the game after a disastrous performance by your team.

PCs are left out

And yes, PS5, Xbox Series and Stadia are the only platforms that will receive these improvements, leaving PCs out of these new animations, cinematics and messages. Isn’t that too clipping for PC gamers? It would be necessary to see exactly what percentage of PC players are those that FIFA manages to monopolize throughout the year, since the bulk is obviously on consoles, so perhaps EA has avoided complications (it must be taken into account that the new technical requirements would fragment the PC community a lot) and you have opted for the easiest and most practical solution: leave it at the level of the previous generation.

Football in its purest form

The cover letter is certainly quite eye-catching. EA seems to have paid a lot of attention to this game mode, which is quite followed by many users beyond FUT, and the amount of animations and messages related to our actions seem to give a lot of dynamism to a mode that encourages even playing offline.

Now we can finally create our own club and replace it with any other from any of the available leagues, being able to create the shield and equipment from scratch and adjust our historical rival so that the confrontations with that team are treated as authentic derbies. When generating the squad, factors such as the country in which you play will be taken into account, in order to fill the squad with a percentage of community and non-community members in line with what is usually prevalent in that league. As you can see, we are going to have a fairly high level of customization that will allow us to tailor our team to achieve glory match by match.

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