FIFA 23, analysis: goodbye

EA Sports released its latest FIFA in September. After 29 years of uninterrupted deliveries, EA confirmed that its contract with FIFA will end this December, so FIFA 23 will say goodbye to this franchise. And the next installment of EA with the king of sports, will arrive under the name of EA Sports FC. Where does this leave FIFA 23? We see it in the following analysis.

FIFA 23, The World’s Game

With FIFA 23, a saga that has accompanied many generations of players for almost 30 years comes to an end and says goodbye in style. A complete and up-to-date game, with different game formats for all tastes: you can play online or without an internet connection, alone or with friends, with male or female players, 11-a-side football or inside a cage… And there will be users who think that it is the same as always, that the graphics do not change, that there are no new features, that everything is automated, but the reality is that it is the best existing soccer video game and that it devours its competition.

If this game has boasted of something compared to other soccer video games, it was team and competition licenses and we can rest easy, because, even if they change and it is no longer called FIFA, the publisher will maintain its agreements with the vast majority of leagues, football clubs, players and brands. For this latest FIFA, EA announces that it has more than 19,000 footballers, 700 teams, 100 stadiums, 30 leagues and the largest competitions in the world.


News regarding FIFA 22

The gameplay of this FIFA 23 evolves over FIFA 22 and the first feeling when playing is that the pace is faster. We do not see this as an advantage or disadvantage, it is different and will depend on tastes. What is noticeable with Hypermotion 2 is that the movement of the players is increasingly realistic and natural, and this is noticeable in controls, passes and shots. These improvements are noticeable on next-generation consoles, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

To continue giving the game reality, in the graphic section it stands out how the grass suffers. Any tackle that causes a piece of grass to rise will be present for the remainder of the match. The luminosity of the stadium improves giving better visibility to the game at any time and the texture of the nets is renewed, generating an effect practically identical to what we would see in any goal after scoring a goal.

Women’s football continues to grow in interest and impact, and in this new FIFA as well. They have incorporated the Barclays FA Women’s Super League and Division 1 Arkema and have announced that the UEFA WOMEN’S CHAMPIONS LEAGUE will arrive from 2023, with clubs such as Juventus Women, Real Madrid Femenino, Chelsea Women, Manchester City Women, Olympique Lyonnais Féminin, the Paris Saint-Germain Féminine and many more.

“Ted Lasso”, the series that has been broadcast on Apple TV+ since 2020 and is about AFC Richmond, a fictional Premier League team, jumps to the latest FIFA. That means managers and players will be available to play in Career, Kick-Off, Online Friendlies, Online Seasons, and Ultimate Team modes. An unexpected surprise that for fans of the series will be one more incentive to play.

Another novelty in the game is FUT Moments, included in the Ultimate Team mode. These offline minigames consist of overcoming specific challenges and getting rewards to be able to redeem it later. Some challenges have a time limit and others will be present all year. And within each story there will be several chapters, for example, Mbappe’s story will have three chapters: start, promotion and confirmation. A real success to complement the offline game, which was very neglected with the Squad Battles.


The Qatar World Cup is here and in FIFA 23 you can already play this tournament with the teams. From January 9, through update, you can enjoy the authentic experience of the Fifa World Cup 2022. In this mode, you can play the World Cup with any of the 32 teams, quick or featured matches, or play a custom tournament from the beggining.

game modes

FIFA maintains most of the game modes that have made it the best-selling video game year after year. The end of each mode is exhaustion, since in all of them you can play without stopping. The modes are:

quick match: play a friendly to train, to compete with friends, with strange rules, in Volta, with an atmosphere of the UEFA Champions League or CONMEBOL Libertadores, round trip, series, skill games, etc. A simple mode that never goes out of style.

online friendlies: to play online matches against friends. Interesting that this new FIFA 23 is crossplay, that is, you can play with people who have a different platform. The condition is that the platforms must be of the same generation. On the one hand, those who play through PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC will be able to face each other. On the other hand, those who do it through PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

tournaments: raise the orejona with your favorite team in the UEFA Champions League, win the CONMEBOL Libertadores or be first in more than 50 national leagues. Also, you can customize a tournament to your liking. Another indispensable mode.

Hability games: the necessary mode to practice dribbling, passing, shooting, defending… It is used to learn and to compete to get the best score in these little challenges.

career mode: You can play as a manager or as a player. In both, you can select an existing manager or player or create a new one. As a coach, you will be able to direct your team, train, change tactics, manage the squad, sign new players and win titles. As a player, you will control only your player, you will have to prove yourself to be a starter and you will be able to receive offers and change teams.

seasons: to play online with real teams. The classic format of ten divisions is maintained in which you must add a certain number of different points in each division to reach the first division and lift the trophy.

PRO and Volta clubs: these two game modes were separated but now they will share progress. The created player will be common for both modes, so the experience points you earn in one place benefit the other. In this way, you will be able to train and improve your Pro Clubs player in Volta, a new way to raise the average with street football.

PRO Clubs is one of the most fun modes in FIFA. It is an online modality and consists of getting together with people, friends or not, occupying a position, setting up a team and playing 11 against 11. Here you will have to play intelligently, supporting your teammates, offering to receive the pass, keeping the position in defense, unmark yourself, pass and score as many goals as you can to achieve victory.

Volta is an arcade game, on small courts to play 3×3, 4×4 or 5×5 matches, reminiscent of street soccer, inside cages and tracks around the world. You can play both offline and online and with this synergy with PRO Clubs it will be much more interesting.

Ultimate Team: We leave the most popular mode of the game for the end. Here you can create a squad to your liking, bringing together players from different clubs, leagues and nations and even retired players. In order to complete this squad, you will need to either drop players in packs or buy them. And to buy packs or players, you will have to add victories to get coins. It is the most complete mode and the one that engages the most, since there are numerous challenges and competitions to increase your squad. It is the only opportunity to bring together the great current figures or play again with stars from the past.

MC Seal Good Choice


FIFA 23 is the video game. The latest FIFA says goodbye in a big way, with new improvements in gameplay and realism and renewed game modes. The novelties of Hypermotion 2 stand out, making all the movements more real; the incorporation of more women’s competitions and teams; FUT Moments and the inclusion of AFC Richmond. In addition, you can count on the entire Fifa World Cup 2022 experience from November 9. All this added to the traditional game modes that continue to be improved.

There will be no more FIFA, the next thing will be EA Sport FC. Goodbye to a saga of 29 editions that has made us enjoy and break the controller or punch the sofa in equal parts. Thank you for so much and always. FIFA 23 is available on its website in versions for PC and consoles. Also in the retail channel, this week of Black Friday with an offer on some editions such as the Xbox One that is reduced to only 34 euros.

Final assessment


EA Sports leaves the FIFA saga with an almost perfect soccer video game. The gameplay and graphics are improved and the game modes that have given them so much success are renewed. This edition incorporates the men’s and women’s World Cup and the AFC Richmond. A new opportunity to play with your favorite soccer players and raise as many trophies as possible.

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