FIFA 23: Don’t let commentators laugh at you, turn them off!

FIFA 23 is already available in early access via EA Play. The opportunity for players to discover a new feature implemented by EA: the ability to disable negative reviews from commentators. A valuable option for players concerned about preserving their ego.

Fifa 23 negative feedback
Credits: EA

Since Tuesday, September 27, 2022, FIFA 23, the latest installment in the EA Sports franchise, is available for early access via EA Play. Indeed, subscribers to the gaming platform can therefore try the football simulation a little in advance, including the official release is still scheduled is consoles and PC this September 30.

In fact, many players have already been able to explore the menus in search of new features. One of them caught our attention. Indeed, it is now possible to Disable negative commenter citrics in the main game settings.

Fifa 23 negative feedback
Credits: Eurogamer

Get rid of commentator reviews on FIFA 23

By checking this box, the commentators will not point out your poor performance in the game, and will therefore content themselves with describing the actions of the match or telling anecdotes about the teams. But according to the first feedback from the players, the thing doesn’t work particularly well.

Indeed, American players claim that Derek Rae and Stewart Robson (the commentators of the British and American versions) continue to send some spikes to players even though the option is disabled. It is to be hoped that the Day One update of the game fixes this problem.

Either way, it’s a welcome option that can provide a more “positive” experience, let’s say, for players. We think especially of the youngest. As a reminder, EA recently unveiled a new system to deal with cheaters on the PC version of the title.

The American publisher introduced the EA AntiCheat (EAAC), a new anti-cheat system developed internally at the kernel level. EA also specifies that this tool will also defend console players against malicious PC players. Indeed, FIFA 23 will be the first title in the saga to offer cross-play between PC, Xbox and Playstation. If you’re curious about the main innovations brought to the game, EA released a long FIFA 23 gameplay video in July 2022.

Source : Eurogamer

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