FIFA 23 for 6 cents? It has happened, but the offer has already disappeared

Still a few weeks until it comes out FIFA 23, but a few lucky ones have managed to get hold of the game at a price that borders on free. Apparently, the next title in Electronic Arts’ soccer franchise was on pre-sale for just 6 cents for a few hours. Will they respect the purchase or will they cancel the orders? Well, the truth is that the store has made a rather surprising decision.

FIFA 23 opens with an own goal

And no, that headline is not a joke. It is practically what those responsible for Electronic Arts themselves have said when recognizing the blunder. In the world of video games, it is quite common for players to get hold of titles in virtual stores in other countries to benefit from discounts or even to win with the currency exchange. However, what has happened to FIFA 23 it was a mistake of those of all life. For a short period of time, the India Epic Games Store had for sale FIFA 23: Ultimate Edition for some 4.80 rupeeswhich is the equivalent of about 6 cents or about 6 euro cents now that there is euro-dollar parity.

Electronic Arts will not cancel the purchase of customers who have made this unusual offer of 99.98%. They admit that it has been a error caused by themselves —probably a mistake in placing the comma. Therefore, those who have taken advantage of the offer will have the game at that price almost free. This information has been confirmed first hand by EA officials to the people of pc gamer:

“It was our mistake, and we wanted to let you know that we will respect all pre-purchases made at that price”

Should you take advantage of pricing errors?

shin chan switch failure price.jpg

Here we could open a big melon. Obviously, a conglomerate like Electronic Arts isn’t going to flinch from giving away several hundred or thousands of copies of FIFA 23 for price mistake. However, other smaller companies may not survive a similar ruling.

Without going any further, a little over a week ago we had a couple of quite remarkable cases. One related to a price error from a third party from Amazon and another also related to video games, almost a carbon copy of what has happened with FIFA 23.

The first of all errors had to do with a failure of the official Spigen store on Amazon Spain. A poorly programmed discount code allowed some users to order tens, hundreds and thousands of mobile phone cases completely free of charge. The error occurred at night, and it is known that Amazon sent several thousand cases to customers, a cost that the manufacturer ended up assuming.

The second case was much worse. The protagonist was the game Shin-Chan: My summer with the teacher. Due to a bug – also with the comma when placing the price – in the Nintendo eShop of Colombia, the game was worth just a few cents. The internet was filled with tutorials explaining how to get the title with Club Nintendo’s own gold points. In this case, such an absurd error can cause a Shin-Chan game to never be translated into our language again. This tweet from Narehop —who worked on Alex Kidd Miracle World— explains perfectly why you shouldn’t take advantage of bugs like this:

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