FIFA 23 gameplay hides a bug… or an Easter egg?

Although the games FIFA they have improved a lot over the years, the truth is that from time to time some bugs have appeared that the community remembers with special affection, so it never hurts to recover them again if, on top of that, everything is done with the intention of self-parodying and send a wink to the huge number of fans of the video game saga all over the planet.

EA Sports laughs at its bugs

The fact is that in the last few hours the passage of one of the videos uploaded to the EA Sports FIFA YouTube channel has gone viral where you can once again see one of the most recurrent errors that the gaming community has suffered in recent time. as you know, sometimes a player would appear on the field that we were not very clear in which team he was a member of because at first glance he appeared with parts of his body covered with pieces of the two kits of the teams that are playing the game on the pitch.

That error was present in FIFA long enough for would end up becoming a real meme that, now, EA Sports has decided to include in that gameplay video in which it shows us all the advances that the graphics engine and the game will experience with FIFA 23.

Can’t you see it?

You just have to press the play of the video that we leave you above for try to find the moment in which that player appears mixing both teams. Come on, to make it easier we will tell you that it is between minute 3:02 and 3:07, at a time when a Borussia Dortmund player controls the ball from behind.

There, just to the right, you will see a soccer player with outstretched arms, that he has disregarded the game and that he covers his body with different parts of the kit of the German team and Real Madrid. So just like that bug that became famous in the game, now it looks like we won’t be suffering from it anymore. FIFA 23.

Right here above you can see that moment in which the easter egg appears in the video of FIFA 23 and that practically the entire community that has seen it, believes that it is an EA Sports joke. Can you imagine if it wasn’t like that and they would have sneaked in without realizing it because they haven’t removed it from the final game yet? It would be amazing.

Anyway, remember that the last of the FIFA with EA Sports at the controls will go on sale at the end of September and now for the 23/24 season we will have a new franchise which is that of EA Sports FC which, as we have known this week, will be in charge of naming the first and second division leagues in Spain.

And it is that although many know that FIFA will become EA Sports FC, it never hurts to do a good marketing campaign where all your potential customers are watching the games of their favorite team every weekend. Don’t you think?

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