FIFA 23: there will be no Russian national team and clubs in this edition

In an interview given to the Eurogamer media, EA confirmed that there would be no national team or Russian clubs in FIFA 23. This was already the case in the previous game.

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If you are a fan of the national team of russia or a football club which currently plays in the first division of the russian championship, the news is bound to make you frown. EA has just announced that the national team of Russia will not be in the next FIFA which will arrive in September. And the thing is the same with regard to the football clubs of the Russian championship, because these too will simply be absent from FIFA 23.

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No Russian clubs or national team in FIFA 23

We will therefore have to do without renowned clubs such as ZĂ©nith Saint Petersburg or the many Mocou clubs represented by Lokomotiv, Spartak, CSKA or Dynamo. To note that the national team of Russia and its football clubs had already been banned from FIFA 22 a few months ago, after Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine. This move by EA comes shortly after that of FIFA and UEFA, which respectively banned the Russian national team from the 2022 World Cup in Qatar and Russian clubs from upcoming European competitions.

EA had also just suspended all sales of its games on Russian territory since March 4. By proceeding in this way, EA wishes to express its full solidarity with the Ukrainian people, as so many other multinationals have done since the beginning of the war in Ukraine. The absence of Russia in FIFA 23 is thus a form of militancy for obtaining peace and an end to the Russian invasion on Ukrainian territory, EA said in a press release sent to Eurogamer. FIFA 23 will be officially available on September 30.

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