FIFA cards receive another suit: Austria classifies them as bets

The district court of Hermagor in the state of Carinthia, Austria, has declared FIFA Ultimate Team to be a form of gambling. The ruling ensures that FIFA cards violate the country’s gaming laws, and for that reason, it has asked PlayStation to return all the money to players who bought cards.

The lottery of winning an Mbappé Prime

There are many players who sigh for get a high quality player in Ultimate Team. It’s basically become a game where controller skill has taken a backseat, as those with the best cards are the ones who basically get big wins.

The solution is to buy packs, a game mechanic that on top of that does not guarantee that you will receive good players after paying. And that is where many users have ended up getting tired. Because, what is the use of spending hundreds of euros on something that finally does not claim to be what it is?

A class action lawsuit that has taken effect


A number of plaintiffs have wanted to put an end to this situation, and have finally managed to get something. It is not that they will recover all the money invested, but at least things will be more transparent from now on. And it is that the court has sentenced Sony to return 338.26 euros to those involved, further forcing the labeling of FUT packs as “gambling games that require a license”.

It is quite striking that the defendant is Sony, when FIFA and FUT are available on both Xbox and PC, but we already know how big Sony’s player quota is, no matter how much they deny and protest against the purchase of Microsoft and Activision ( ahem, ahem).

The average cost among the plaintiffs is around 800 euros, an amount that seems scandalous to us, but the case of the 85,000 euros claimed by one of those affected is scandalous. We don’t know exactly how you manage to spend 85,000 euros in FUT cardsbut it is something that seems to have happened.

Sony and EA have not commented

At the moment those involved have not commented on the matter, although in this case it should be rather EA that gave explanations in this regard, since it is the main focus in this situation. We’ve seen other countries make loot boxes illegal in the past, although a simple warning that they are gambling might not be enough to prevent many users from falling for these game mechanics.

Via: Eurogamer

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