FIFA is already testing the Cross-play that will arrive in the near future

The future of FIFA? play with everyone

The arrival of online gaming opened many doors for many users, since the Internet connection allowed us to play with people from all over the world in games as competitive as FIFA, however, for many years the function was only limited to identical platformsso the competition was limited to creating specific groups by consoles.

PlayStation players could only play with each other, PC players with PC players, and Xbox players with Xbox players, so if a friend of yours was “on the other side”, you had no choice but to throw of the classic visit to his home and play at home to show your skills with FIFA.

Finally, cross-play

PS4 Cross Play

But it was a matter of time. With the plethora of games today offering the ability to play on any type of platform (Fortnite has been a big proponent of this), a giant like FIFA couldn’t wait any longer. And they have taken too long, but today we can finally say that the company has made the first statements about it.

Through its official blog, the team at FIFA 22 has announced that the role of crossplay is currently in the testing phase, being available in the modes of online seasons Y online friendlies for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and Stadia players.

Is there no Cross-play in Ultimate Team?

Don’t worry, everything will come in time. At the moment, as they have specified, the function is in the testing phase, so they are trying to ensure that any type of error or failure affects as few users as possible. Losing a FUT Champions match due to a connection error would not be a pleasant experience at all, so for now they have limited themselves to offering Cross-play in the seasons and friendlies, since the intention is to find sensations and polish the modality .

The function can be disabled without problems

FIFA Cross Play

If your thing is to continue playing on your favorite platform and you prefer not to expand your friendships to other users (community things), you can always disable Cross-play from the main menu or from the Matchmaking settings menu. Remember that this is just the beginning, and considering that it is a test that arrives in the month of May, something tells us that it is the prelude to implementing the function in the next edition of FIFA.

What do you think of the Cross-play feature? Are you going to use it or are you going to deactivate it on the first day?

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