FIFA or PES? Buy your favorite soccer game at the best price

Soccer is the king sport in most of Europe as well as in Latin America, where we can find a large number of fans of their teams, especially in Argentina, especially after winning the last World Cup held in Qatar. If we like soccer, it is likely that we are more than one of the two games that, traditionally, have dominated the video game industry in recent years.

On the one hand, there is FIFA and on the other hand Pro Evolution Soccer, better known as PES. However, the latter decided a couple of years ago to completely change the name of this legendary soccer game saga to eFootball.

It took advantage of the name change to also stop selling the game in physical format, becoming only digital, unlike FIFA, which continues to rely on both digital and physical formats. In addition, he wanted to give reasons enough to regular FIFA players so that they go to eFootball, since another of the novelties that came with this name change was its monetization method, since it became totally free for both PC, mobile phones and consoles.

Buy FIFA 2023

Going to the official stores from where the games are distributed at launch is always the best way to waste money, since the price is always the most expensive of all. If we have a little patience and wait a bit, we can choose to take advantage of substantial discounts that we can find in third-party stores such as Eneba or Fanatycal.

At Eneba, we can find FIFA 23 for Xbox for only 18.85 euros. For Xbox S and X consoles, the price goes up to 26.17 euros. The version for playstation 5also finds an interesting discount, 43% specifically, going down from 79.99 euros to the current 45.34 euros also through Eneba.

If we want to enjoy FIFA 23 in our pc, we have options. On the one hand, we can buy a download code for Steam, a code that has a price of 48.05 euros or, we can choose to buy it through Origin for 36.90 euros.

If we start from the base that the price of FIFA23 for consoles is 79.99 euros and on PC it is 69.99 eurosAs we can see, depending on which platform or console we select, we can save a lot of money.


As we have commented at the beginning of this article, the game eFootball, previously known as PES, became a title free to play, so we can download it from any platform without having to pay a single euro. Of course, if we want to obtain advantages, we will have to buy eFootball coins, coins available only Through the gameso we will have no choice but to pay what they cost without the possibility of saving us some money.


eFootball 2023
eFootball 2023

Developer: Konami Digital Entertainment

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