Fight between inmates leaves a young man in a coma: they even beat him with the microwave | STRONG VIDEO

On social networks circulate the outrageous video of the beating that several inmates beat one of their companions, which got out of control in a New Jersey prison, United States, and unfortunately left the young man suffering from schizophrenia with severe injuries and in a coma.

The recording lasts a little over two minutes and shows how Jayshawn Boyd, 22, is standing in a common area of ​​the Essex County Correctional Center, when at least seven inmates dressed in white they approach him and they start hitting him, for no apparent reason.

In the video -which has already gone viral on networks- you can see how no custodian intervenes despite the brutal beating they are giving the young man, who suffers from schizophrenia, according to local media. Once the victim falls to the ground, the aggressors hit him harder and harder despite being seen raising hands for mercy.

At that moment, another inmate approaches and hits him with what looks like an industrial broom while the others step on it and beat it. Then the men disperse and although it seemed that the beating had already stopped, in reality it stopped for only a few seconds while they looked for objects to continue throwing at him.

Suddenly, an inmate appears and hee throws the water that had a bucket, probably the one they use to mop, while another steps on his head. After, another guy throws a trash can at him and then take a microwave oven that throws him with brutal force at his head.

Why is he in that jail if he has a mental illness?

According to the NY Post and the Daily Mail, the outrageous events occurred on last September 27 As a result of the brutal beating, the 22-year-old Jayshawn Boyd is injured and continues in a coma in a Newark hospital, New Jersey. According to its defenders still the extent of the injuries is not known provoked by his companions.

The assailants were identified as Byad Lockett, Darryl Watson, Isaad Jackson, Tyshon Armor, Henry Asencio, Jaquil Anderson and Maurice Hutchins and went Charged with Attempted Murder, Aggravated Battery, and Third Degree DisturbanceHowever, his case has not yet reached a jury, both outlets say.

Michael Thomas Licciardi, Boyd’s lawyer, accuses the county of Essex of having endangered his client by installing him in a section where there were gangs despite having knowledge that he was a psychiatric patient.

Several people questioned just why the young man was detained in jail and not guarded in a hospital and the reason is that he had been arrested in September last year after starring in a couple of domestic scandals with his mother and brother. In May 2021, he was transferred to a psychiatric facility but was released while awaiting sentencing, as he pleaded guilty.

However, on July 28 Jayshawn did not attend the hearing to receive his sentence, although he later had to turn himself in to the authorities, who sent him back to the Essex correctional facility.


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