Files is the powerful file explorer that your PC deserves

The Windows file explorer is the well-known tool that allows us to move between all the files and folders stored on the PC. This tool has been accompanying us since the first versions of the operating system and, although with each new Windows it has been changing and evolving, the truth is that it is one of the most archaic functions of all Windows. Even the new Windows 11 file explorer still leaves a lot to be desired, lagging well behind that of macOS and Linux. Luckily, there are several alternatives to match. And one of the best is, of course, Files.

Files, the explorer that Windows deserves

Files was born as a concept of the file explorer that Windows 10 should have. And, in the end, that’s what it has become. This program, totally free and open source, brings a file explorer to Windows 10 and Windows 11, in UWP format, with the latest technology. We can find a design Fluent Design pampered down to the last detail, long-awaited features that haven’t come true (like tabs), and the latest APIs implemented in the browser.

Some of the main functions and features that we can find in this file explorer are:

  • Support for opening different folders in “tabs”.
  • Fluent Design design very pampered in detail.
  • Different display modes.
  • Modular design that translates into faster development and better performance.
  • Unbeatable file access times.
  • Actions for the clipboard.
  • Detailed view of the file details.
  • Quick access panel.
  • Integration with different cloud storage systems.

In addition, its developer has recently released version 2.0 of this program. This version, of course, is still completely free and open source, and it introduces even more functions and features that make it even more useful. Some of these novelties are:

  • Native support for FTP.
  • Compact mode.
  • Support for unzipping and viewing the contents of compressed files.
  • Support to change the permissions of files and folders.
  • Ability to copy, move and rename files and folders as administrator.
  • New function to create a folder with all selected items.
  • Ability to drag items without having to select them first.
  • New column view.
  • New context menu.
  • New details when moving and deleting elements.
  • New function to cancel file operations.
  • Thanks to tags, or “tags,” we can better catalog files.
  • Custom themes.

Download the browser

We can find two ways to download this program. The first one is to do it directly from your own GitHub repository, at this link. From here we will go down a .msixbundle file, which we can run in Windows by double-clicking on it to install this program on the computer.

Anyway, being a UWP program, the best way to add it to our PC is to do it from the Microsoft Store. To do this, we only have to enter the Windows store, search for it and install it on our computer. In this way we can always have the latest version and, in addition, make sure we are always up to date.

Files - File Manager for Windows
Files - File Manager for Windows

If you are tired of Microsoft not giving you what you are looking for or what you need, you will have to turn to third-party developers. And what better way to do it than with Files.

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