Files you should never sync to OneDrive

There has always been talk about whether we’re relying too much on the cloud. What exactly is this cloud? It is a server, controlled by a company (Microsoft, in the case of OneDrive) of which we do not know anything, we do not know the security and which we cannot access. Entrust our data to a cloud storage service it is, literally, giving them to the company of our choice. This may have principles and treat them appropriately, or use them for commercial purposes (as Google does) for that we accept the terms of use. Also, once we have our files out of reach, nothing prevents other malicious users from trying to get hold of them.

Therefore, we must ask ourselves: is the cloud really safe? Should we upload all our files to it?

Private files should never fall into someone else’s hands

There are many types of files that we can upload to the Internet. And surely the vast majority of them do not pose any danger to us. For example, we can use OneDrive to save backup copies of our games, or upload all kinds of photos, files and documents that do not contain personal or sensitive information. Must always think about what would happen if those files fell into the wrong hands. Would we have problems? Would it violate our privacy? If so, better avoid uploading them to the cloud.

Manage folder backups on OneDrive

The files that are usually of a personal nature are Word documents (work, domestic, accounting, etc.) or in other formats, such as PDF (in the case of tax returns, etc.), personal or intimate photographs and certificates digital devices that may fall into the wrong hands. In addition, we should not even think of going up to the cloud a flat list with our passwords, nor the password databases generated by other programs.

And, if possible, before uploading the files to the cloud it is advisable to apply an encryption that allows us to keep them safe and protected, as it allows us to do. Cyberduck.

OneDrive Personal Warehouse is a must

Within the Microsoft cloud there is an even more secure space called «Personal Warehouse«. This space is nothing more than a folder that has additional encryption and can only be unlocked using a two-step authentication system. That is, from the smartphone.

Everything that we keep within this section of the cloud will be properly protected against prying eyes. Even if a person manages to access our OneDrive account, they will not be able to access the data that we have stored within this folder. To unlock it, we will have to verify that we are the ones who want to enter.

OneDrive web browser

Users with a free Microsoft Account will only be able to copy a limited number of files within this vault, but users from Microsoft 365In addition to having 1 TB of space in this cloud, they will be able to copy all the files they want to it.

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