Fill your ebook library faster in Caliber with these features

We can always make use of the helpful folders that we can create in the system to organize these text contents in some way. But some help will never hurt, especially if we talk about a simple and free program that presents a multitude of functions for it. There are several such alternatives to choose from, but Caliber it is the preferred one for the majority. This is a software solution that offers us the possibility of managing several personal libraries packed with e-books.

As soon as we install the software, the first thing we have to do is create our first library, which will be the one that will house all the titles to be managed. From there, once we gradually fill it out, we can place them in a multitude of ways, read them, manage their metadata, modify their content, etc. However, as you can imagine, the first of all this is going to be shaping this library.

The program as such offers us several methods in this regard in order to facilitate the task of creating this very important element. That is why below we will talk about how you can start filling your library of ebooks in Caliber.

Add many e-books from a certain folder

It may be the case, which is generally the most common, that on the hard drive of our computer we have one or more folders full of these contents. In order not to have to add something quite annoying one by one if we are talking about hundreds or thousands of ebook files, we can add all of them to the library at once. To do this, what we have to do is open the drop-down list that is located next to the Add books button on the main interface. This list is represented by a small arrow located to the right of the button.

Here we will no longer have to select the option to Add folders or subfolders, which will allow us to navigate through the disk units to select the specific folder. From there, the program itself will be in charge of including all the electronic books of the specified route.

Use a ZIP file full of ebooks

There are many occasions, it can also be the case that a friend or relative has given us a USB memory or a hard disk full of e-books. As is usually the case with many other types of files, these can be found grouped in a single compressed or ZIP file. Although we have the possibility to unzip them all and create a folder to follow the steps described above, we are going to speed up the process.

To do this, we return to the drop-down list described above to see the available options. Here we choose the call to add several books from an archive (ZIP / RAR). Before indicating the file as such we will have to specify if these books they are cataloged by folders or not.

Include titles in Caliber through ISBN

For those of you who do not know, say that the ISBN is something like the DNI that each of us have. This is a unique identifier for each of the books published worldwide. We tell you all this because this Program it also allows us to add books to our personal library through that identifier. Therefore, simply enter the corresponding number of the ISBN of a certain title to be added to Caliber.

ISBN books

Of course, the book must be stored on our disk drives. Therefore, in the aforementioned drop-down list, we choose the Add from ISBN option. In the new window that appears we will have to specify the aforementioned identifier followed by the disk path where the stored books are located so that Caliber can locate and add it.

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