Filtering the performance of Intel’s TOP GPU for gaming laptops

The emergence of Intel in the gaming market is going to be a before and after in the sector, we will all see it and live, we will look back at a given moment and it will be difficult for us to remember how things were in 2021. There is little left and although not there is an unveiled presentation date, the leaks begin to be seen more frequently, a symbol and sign that we are close, very close to their arrival. What has been leaked today is nothing less than the best that Intel is going to put on the table for gaming laptops, similar to the RTX 30 Mobile and the AMD RX to use, what performance do you get?

Geekbench 5 shows the world’s first Xe DG2-512

It has been as usual in Geekbench 5 where it is new Intel Xe DG2-512 Alchemist (name also not confirmed) has made an appearance. We had already seen his younger sisters pose in that suite and although they were not expected, all hopes remained in the hands of this new GPU.

Surprisingly, the leaked indicates that we are facing a GPU that will be included, predictably, along with Tiger Lake-H processors, so it is curious that it does not appear in its first intervention with Alder Lake at its side. This is not to say that Intel does not bundle them in select models, which is predictable, but this time it has been.


The processor selected in the notebook has been a i7-11800H from 8 cores and 16 threads to 4.5 GHz, which is accompanied by nothing less than 32GB DDR4 RAM (without specifying speed) in Dual Channel. Focusing on the GPU, we are logically facing the 512 EU version, where the suite incorrectly detects 12.6 GB of VRAM.

Disappointing performance, crashing, drive issues or …?


The statements of Pat Gelsinger this week have raised the optimism of buyers and shareholders, since Intel will squeeze NVIDIA and therefore logically AMD. Therefore, we are going to be cautious when assessing what has been leaked.

And it is that despite having a frequency of 1.8 GHz, 4096 Shaders, 16GB GDDR6, bus 256 bits and a TGP of only 120 watts, is Intel Xe DG2-512 it is far from fast. It is true that it is a 85% roughly faster than its lower sibling with 256 EU, but it lags far behind what an RTX 3060 Mobile offers for example.

We are talking about a score of 34360 points in OpenCL Score, which leaves it at the level of a GTX 1650 approximately and far from the more than 90,000 points made by the aforementioned NVIDIA RTX 3060 Mobile GPU.

What happens then? We do not know, but there is a kind of guideline to follow, and it is nothing more than always low scores for all the models in the series, climbing the range yes, but always well below expectations. Is Intel limiting performance by TGP, by driver, or by vBIOS? What is certain is that they cannot perform so little, mainly because the hit would be historic and would leave the Blues in a very bad position, especially when the CEO himself has generated a minimum of expectation. It is time to wait, we are close.

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