Fimusic, a new startup to promote artists and revolutionize the music industry

A new actor is part of the Spanish musical ecosystem. Fimusic, far from the traditional industry, is committed to using the artist-centric philosophy to place the artist at the center of its global strategy and understand their needs.

With the firm conviction that another way of doing things is possible, Fimusic was born as ally of artists and entrepreneurs with the desire to discover hidden talents and lead the musical careers of tomorrow’s artists, as well as to help develop their own personal brand and the fair monetization of their work.

Through the use of technology and attending to values ​​such as closeness, innovation, transparency and daringthis hub bursts into a very competitive musical environment to help achieve the dream of any musical creator: to aspire to live from their talent

The origin of this ecosystem comes from a multidisciplinary and nonconformist team convinced of the real possibility of creating a new scenario in the music industry. Eva Velasco, CEO of Fimusic, is one of them: “Our DNA is the result of natively merging talent and technology. We believe that our model based on transforming technology into tools that empower the role of the artist is going to revolutionize the Spanish music scene”.

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This musical ecosystem brings together talent, creativity and technology to present an innovative artist search process that combines organic methods with digital resources. In this way, Discovery, its revolutionary talent detection tool based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, optimizes the efficiency of A&R work while multiplying the chances that an emerging talent can be discovered.

Personal and tailored treatment

Through a dialogue based on honesty and transparency, the artists on the Fimusic roster will receive personal and tailored treatment to position their work in the usual channels, but thanks to the use of technologies such as blockchain, it also allows the creation of a series of new formats and the exploration of distribution alternatives.

Furthermore, aware of the importance of promoting the well-being of their talent, they have created a happiness area where specialist coaches in the sector will be available to their artists to provide them with relevant information and key resources for their careers.

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