Final Cut for 50 euros. Run and take advantage!

Final Cut Pro is one of the best video editors on the market. However, its price is high and this conditions the choice of other programs when we want to do video editing work. Nevertheless, you can get Final Cut Pro for barely 50 euros. Yes, you read that right. And in this post we tell you.

Get Final Cut Pro for 50 euros with the student discount

The trick to getting Final Cut Pro at that price is to resort to Apple Student Purchases. If you didn’t know, Apple has several pages with discounts for professional sectors such as the health sector or education. To get this discount, we must go to the “Shopping for the university” section. Therefore, if you are a teaching staff, education professional or university student, you will be able to access many discounts.

To do this, the first thing we must do is verify our identity in the UNIDAYS system, from Apple’s own website. This system is an aggregator of offers and discounts for many brands and products, focused on university students. To verify our identity, we will have to register or, if we already have an account, log in with our university email. This is how UNiDAYS verifies your identity.

Once we have done this process, we will be redirected to the Apple University purchases page, where we will find a package with the 5 professional editing applications from Apple for 239.99 euros. The applications cannot be purchased separately and we have to purchase the entire software package. These applications are:

  • final cut pro
  • Logic Pro
  • Main Stage
  • Motion
  • compressor

final cut pro discount

The trick is in the price and we will save a lot of money

But didn’t you say that Final Cut costs fifty euros? And, even if it seems a lie, the answer remains: yes. The price of the five applications together is 239.99 euros. However, in proportion, if we divide the total amount among the five applications, we get the accounts: 47.99 euros for each application. If there was no offer and we wanted to buy these same 5 apps at their regular price, these would be the amounts:

  • Final Cut Pro: 349.99 euros
  • Logic Pro: 239.99 euros
  • Main Stage: 35.99 euros
  • Motion: 59.99 euros
  • Compressor: 59.99 euros

Therefore, the total amount of applications amounts to a whopping €745.95. The price ratio becomes even more profitable, if we take into account that we save 415.96 euros at once. In other words: with this discount, we save more than Final Cut Pro costs individually which, remember, are 349.99 euros.

MacBook Pro notch

Once the payment has been madeyou will be able to enjoy these five apps for life. Even if time passes, you are no longer a university student and your UNiDAYS account expires (because it is associated with the years you will spend at university), these programs remain registered to your Apple account, so even if you delete them, you will be able to download them again and you will not be asked to pay the difference in price once you have finished your studies if you want to continue using the applications. This is not going to happen. It is, among other things, because Apple’s software is “like before”: without subscriptions or promotional plans. You pay once and enjoy the software for life.

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