Final Cut on Apple Vision Pro? Some already say yes

It hasn’t been a month since Apple released Final Cut Pro for iPad, and it hasn’t been a week since the Apple Vision Pro was unveiled, and Rumors are already emerging about the arrival of the program to the new mixed reality glasses. Do you want to know who said it? Or how did this rumor originate? In this post we tell you!

Statements on Twitter from a user who has already tried the glasses

Matti Haapoja, a filmmaker whose YouTube channel has 1.22 million subscribers, says that “Final Cut will be compatible with Apple Vision Pro when the device goes on sale«, as explained on the 9to5Mac portal.

These resounding statements have been made by Hapooja himself on his Twitter profile, in which he says that it will be possible “edit with eyes and gestures«. “Finally we will be able to edit in the style of Minority Report,” he explains, alluding to the science fiction film released in 2002.

twitter matti haapoja

“I just tried the Apple Vision Pro and they are going to completely change content creation and storytelling. They have shown me places around the world that I had already been to and I have felt as if I were reliving memories. One of them was being underwater, with a dive guide who is feeding sharks and I have done this, and it has felt very real to be there again. AND editing in Final Cut Pro in AR will be available at launchwith eyes and gestures. We will finally be able to edit in the style of Minority Report. », Explains the filmmaker himself on his Twitter profile.

Nothing has been said about whether it will be a specific version, designed for the Vision Pro, or if it will be the transfer of a compatible version of Mac or iPad. And this last detail could become important.

Apple has not yet commented on it.

On the official part of the company, no official announcement or mention has been made regarding the arrival of Final Cut to these new mixed reality glasses. But they have released two details that could be related to these statements. On one hand, the iOS app compatibility with glasses. On the other, the functionality of power move Mac screen to visionOS spatial environmentto continue working on the app that we already have open, but the glasses themselves.


Yes, applications from suites such as Adobe or Microsoft Office have been officially shown, working in the spatial environment of visionOS.

What is certain, regarding the Apple Vision Pro, is the fact that they will only be available in the US in the first instance. Gradually, from the launch, they would reach more countries. However, this is not known when or how it will be, since the only data that the company has released is that they will come out “early next year”, and the aforementioned limitation of the territory.

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