Final Cut Pro is updated to add support to the new MacBook Pros and Cinema mode

One of the applications that is undoubtedly You’ll benefit the most from the new MacBook Pros With the M1 Max and M1 Pro processors it is Final Cut Pro, the professional video editor that missed the power that Apple had not offered in a long time in the Pro range, a range that seemed to have been abandoned by the company.

Apple has released a new update to Final Cut Pro, a new update that is not only compatible with the new MacBook Pro that Apple introduced a few days ago, but also allows edit videos recorded in Cinema mode that has come from the hand of the new generation of iPhone.

Final cut pro

What’s new in Final Cut version 10.6

Object tracker

Tracking objects uses Neural Engine from Apple to make the video analysis process on Macs with the M1 processor much faster.

  • Attach additional titles to existing tracks using the tracker source drop-down menu in the viewer.
  • Use the timeline tracking editor to quickly re-analyze segments of an existing track or delete them directly.
  • Manually add a crawler from the inspector, adjust the shape of the mask, and choose from different types of crawl analysis.
  • Drag generators, titles or effects to the viewer to automatically detect, track and align the movement of faces or objects using machine learning.

As I have commented, this new version includes new features that allow users to edit videos shot with Cinema mode, this option is only available on computers with macOS Monterey (version that will be released on October 25).

Also, we can use the Cinema inspector controls to modify the intensity of the blur effect and add keyframes to change that effect according to the timeline. It also allows us to see and eliminate focus points that we are not interested in.

For those who we can’t afford Final Cut ProApple updated the free iMovie app for macOS, adding support for cinema mode.

Final Cut Pro (AppStore Link)

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