Final Cut Pro with subscription?

Final Cut Pro is, without a doubt, one of the best applications that users who use an Apple computer can purchase to edit video. However, it is a one-time payment application that has a fairly high price, so today we are going to tell you about the advantages it could have for users and for Apple to make Final Cut Pro a subscription, or at least give it that possibility.

Advantages of paying a subscription for Final Cut Pro

All users today who want to use Final Cut Pro on their Mac have, initially, a free trial up to 90 days, something that should be noted, since the duration of this is much higher than what the rest of the options provide. However, after these 90 days, the price at which this application amounts is 299 euros. Apple’s goal with this policy is to give users who intend to purchase it enough time to try it and be really aware of whether or not it is worth purchasing later for this price.

Final Cut on Mac

Obviously it is an application that has been designed and developed thinking of professionals of video editing, hence the price it has is so high, since after all it is the work tool of many video editors thanks to all the possibilities that this application offers, be it adding effects, synchronizing different tracks or work with specific plugins. Despite this, some of the main competitors, even though they are also applications that are focused on the same type of user, do offer the opportunity to enjoy their services by paying a monthly subscription.

What this movement would allow would be that many users who today do not really know if it is worth paying the 299 euros that Final Cut Pro costs, if could choose to pay a monthly subscription that would allow them to develop their creativity and their audiovisual works through the Apple application. In addition, this does not mean that Apple removed the option to pay the 299 euros at once, since many other users prefer to pay at once and forget about having to pay a marked amount monthly, but it would open up the range of people much more that they would use the application and that, of course, they would pay to do so, although in a different way.

Will Apple do it?

This option, although for the moment has not been glimpsed as a possibilityat least not publicly, it would not be a surprise, since we are seeing how more and more, the Cupertino company obtains more and more income through the different subscription services that it has active and that, in the same way that Final Cut Pro would do, it allows users to get much more out of the devices they have on a day-to-day basis.

Final Cut only on Mac

If it becomes a reality, surely Final Cut Pro would not be the only application that would enter this subscription format, in fact, it is not surprising that Apple may be planning take out a professional package like Adobe does so that many professionals pay a monthly subscription to use all the applications developed for the professional field.

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