Final Fantasy 16 will not have an open world and companions will be controlled by AI

the producer of Final Fantasy 16, Naoki Yoshidarevealed new details about the franchise’s next numbered game in a series of interviews, including information about exploring the world, the workings of the companion group, the mechanics of battles between summons, and more.

To IGNspecifically, Yoshi-P as he is better known, he explained better how the exploration will be and how the protagonist’s group of companions works. According to the producer, although the new trend of big-budget games follows unlimited exploration in a huge open world, in Final Fantasy 16, he preferred to focus on smaller areas of more varied locations to offer an epic feeling to the player.

“You’ll find inspiration from the latest big-budget open-world RPGs,” explained Yoshida. “However, in order to deliver a story that seems to encompass this entire world and beyond, we decided to avoid a design [que segue a exploração em] open world, something that would limit us to a single scenario. Instead, we opted for a design based on independent areas that can give players a better sense of ‘global scale’.”

The producer of the 16th title also stated that there will be a traditional group of companions in the game, but the combatants will be controlled by artificial intelligence (AI) so that the player keeps his focus on the protagonist, Clive. “We didn’t want to overwhelm gamers [com muitas informações] in the latest trailer, so we just focused on the battles,” said Yoshi-P.

Image: Square Enix

“That said, for most of his journey, Clive will be accompanied by one or more companions. These fighters will participate in the battles and interact with him. Additionally, group members will be AI-controlled, allowing the player to keep their focus on Clive.”

In another interview, this one was given to the Game InformerYoshida provided yet another round of interesting information when tackling FF16’s giant summons known as eikons. “I saw a lot of comments on social media after the [mais recente trailer lançado] about how the interface of battles resembles that of fighting games”, observes the producer.

Final Fantasy 16 screenshot

Image: Square Enix

“The overall design of each match between the Eikons will be unique and we don’t use the exact same system twice,” revealed Yoshi-P. In his speech, the producer also mentions some styles of play that players may come across on these occasions. The fight between “Eikon A and Eikon B”, for example, resembles “a 3D shooter game”, while between Eikon C and Eikon D will be something more drawn to wrestling. Depending on the summon, the area can even turn into a real battlefield.

Regarding the story, Yoshida told the gamespot: “This time, to make sure we tell the plot the way we wanted, we decided to follow a rating [indicativa] mature in most regions where the title will be released. It’s not because we simply wanted to make a more violent or explicit game. We chose this path because we felt it was necessary, so we could explore adult themes.” would this be the first Final Fantasy of the mainline to receive a higher indicative rating?

For the PlayStation Blog and GamesRadarYoshi-P also talked about how the development team was built, how the simultaneous development of the 16th title with Final Fantasy 14and how the producer seeks to bring a “classic fantasy feel” to players, taking inspiration from the first games in the franchise to differentiate Final Fantasy 16 from the latest titles with modern franchise settings (Final Fantasy 15 and Final Fantasy 7 Remakefor example).

Final Fantasy 16 is set to be released in Q3 2023 for PlayStation 5 and PRAÇA.

Source: polygon

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