Final Fantasy remasters hit iOS and Android this month

Final Fantasy for iOS and Android

At the moment it will be the first three deliveries that will come to iOS and Android, and to play them, we will only have to wait for the next July 29 to be able to get hold of them. These versions will include the redrawing of the characters originally designed by Kazuko Shibuya, who has collaborated on this edition so that everything looks perfectly.

In addition, the soundtrack created by Nobuo Uematsu has also been improved, and as expected changes have also been included in the controls, to offer a better experience when playing on touch screens, including a new and renewed interface, controls automatic in full battle and many other changes.

Extra sections have been included such as the bestiary, a gallery of illustrations, a music player and the long-awaited function of being able to save the game at any time, something especially demanded in these times and that will be fantastic when playing from the Smartphone .

PC version arrives earlier

We also knew that the games would be coming to PC in July, so the exact release date remained to be known. Well, it will be a day before the arrival on Android and iOS, since Square has announced that on July 28 we will be able to get the full collection of this remastering. Of course, as in mobile platforms, for the moment only the first three deliveries will be available, so we will have to keep waiting until Square Enix launches the remaining three later.

At the moment it is possible to reserve all six games on Steam enjoying a 22% off, obtaining a total price of 74.82 euros, although we can also buy the games separately. In case you decide on the complete pack, you will receive some bonuses such as wallpapers and soundtracks, so you will have an incentive to do so.

How much do games cost on Android?

For now that data has no figure, so we will have to wait until they appear in the application stores. Keep in mind that in the case of PC, the games cost 11.99 euros for the first two installments and 17.99 euros for the rest of the installments, so you have to be cautious and keep that figure in mind so as not to give us an unexpected scare.

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