Final Fantasy VII Rebirth release date and trailer

Square Enix has taken advantage of the Summer Game Fest 2023 stage to show a new Final Fantasy VII Rebirth video, and has confirmed its release date. This game will continue the story we saw in Final Fantasy VII Remakewhich was the first installment of the trilogy.

According to the Japanese company, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will arrive at early 2024, which means that it will most likely be released before the end of the first quarter of that year. This second part will play a very important role, since it will have to continue the events from the end of the first installment and will have to pave the way for the end of the story, which will take place with the third chapter.

Unlike what happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake, which was designed as an intergenerational transition game and was available for PS4, PS5 and PC, Final Fantasy VII Rebirth It will be a PS5 exclusive gamewhich means that Square Enix will be able to improve the technical section and the graphic quality in general.

We hope that this second installment I ended up coming to PC too, but it will do so after its release on PS5, since it will behave as a temporary exclusive for said console. We have nothing confirmed, but seeing what happened with Final Fantasy VII Remake, it is most likely that its compatible launch will take place at the beginning of 2025, that is, just one year after the launch of the version for the Sony console.

From what we can see in the trailer that Square Enix has shared, this second installment is going to be noticeably above the first in every waythe scenarios will be larger and we will be able to relive some of the most important moments of the original game and we could get an unpleasant surprise.

I don’t speak for no reason, look at the end, Will Tifa end up dying? Personally, I don’t think so, but it could be that she ends up badly injured and that this will help Cloud get a little closer to her. In another vein, it’s clear that we still have no idea what the minimum requirements for the PC version are, but they should be similar to those of other PS5 exclusives that have been ported to that platform, and therefore will be higher than those of Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.

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