Final Fantasy XVI has some bad news for you (if you play on PC)

bad news from japan

The fact is that this timeThe news that comes to us from Square-Enix is ​​not the best if you are a fishbowl that everything is played on your PC since, as we feared, the Japanese are not going to put too much effort into reaching stores beyond the PlayStation consoles (or so it seems). Remember that the relationship with Sony goes back a long way and these exclusive titles for their machines have been our daily bread for the last 29 years.

It was Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida, producer of final fantasy 16the one who has verbalized that bad news during the broadcast of a streaming held a few days ago around a New Year’s Mahjong tournament, and in which took advantage of the relaxed atmosphere to remind us that there are no plans that a PC version is even planned or that it will come out after a first release on PlayStation 5.

“There has been talk,” Yoshida said, “that PC version will be out [de FF XVI]but nobody [del equipo] has declared nothing about that version. I wonder why people assume that the PC version will come six months later? [de la de PS5]So go ahead and buy yourself a PS5.”

Made up news, right?

The denial of Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida do not think that it occurs because that morning he remembered that some media had speculated about the possibility that the game would end up coming to PC, but because there have been many evidences that have given to think to the community that something like this was contemplated within the roadmap of the video game

And it is that during the streaming of one of the showcases official 2020 PlayStation, a first trailer of final fantasy 16 in which, in the end, the phrase “Also available for PC” appeared. Mention that it disappeared when that same video was published by Square-Enix on its official channels. I mean, when were they telling the truth? With the first of the revelations or by hiding it? Although it was not until last year when, in official material, it was also possible to read (fleetingly) that the game would be an exclusive for six months.

Be that as it may, everything smells like a marketing movement that tries not to subtract sales to the game on PlayStation 5 that, it is clear, will be the first and only to arrive. Although once six or twelve months have elapsed, the possibility of us having a final fantasy 16 on PC it will be able to be reborn to become a reality. After all, despite the agreements that Square-Enix has with Sony, it has become clear that the Japanese are seduced by reaching PC territory and putting honey on the lips of Xbox owners, who will continue to dream of have an RPG like this on their consoles.

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