Finally Christopher Nolan will not have Apple due to its high demands

Christopher Nolan

A few days ago, various media claimed that Cristhoper Nolan was in negotiations with various streaming video platforms, including Apple TV +, to carry out your next project. Finally, according to the guys from The Hollywood Reporter, no streaming video platform has accepted their conditions.

In addition to Apple, Sony, Paramount and Universal They were also interested in carrying out this director’s new project, a project that will tell the story behind the first atomic bomb attributed to J. Robert Oppenheimer. Finally, this project has gone to Universal.

This new project pretends to be a smaller-scale feature film for this director, a project that has a budget of $ 100 million plus another $ 100 million in marketing according to various sources. In addition to the $ 200 million investment, Nolan demands full creative control of production and 20% of box office revenue from the first dollar, not from the time the production company has made the investment profitable.

In addition, it also required that if the production company was a streaming video platform, during the previous 3 weeks and the following 3 weeks, no movie will be released. As if that were not enough, it also requested a 100-day window in theaters, that is, until 3 months later it could not reach the digital stores for sale or rent or the corresponding streaming video platform. Apparently these are the usual conditions that Warner has always allowed Nolan (they have been working together since 2002).

The signing of Nolan had been a great claim for Apple TV +, but the conditions he demanded did not allow him enjoy no additional benefits, since as it arrived on the platform, it would also be available for rent. Depending on the success or failure of this new Nolan project, the director may continue to maintain his demands or lower his head and end up giving in to any streaming music platform.

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