Finally, it seems that the Apple Watch series 7 will be available in September.

Little remains for the presentation of what will be the Apple Watch series 7 to reach our homes. Rumors indicate that there will be little news in terms of software but we will have to see a new design on the screen. Not only because of its edges if not because of a screen somewhat larger than the previous ones. These changes precisely indicated that the arrival of the watch to the markets would be delayed but It looks like it will finally be available in September.

With the change in the design of the Apple Watch, rumors indicated that it was more than likely that its arrival in the markets was delayed due to that design change. The more squared edges and the enlargement of the screen, made its manufacture more complicated. So it was almost certain that its release would not be as planned at the beginning and could last until November at least.

However a new note issued by analyst Kuo, affirms that the problems have been solved and it is expected that the sale of the Apple Watch can be carried out in September without problems. It appears that Apple has resolved the panel module quality issues, and that the main vendor, Luxshare, will begin mass shipments in mid-to-late September. Additionally, Kuo says that Watch shipments will grow significantly this year.

In this same report, the problems that have arisen in the new models are discussed. Specific problems caused by supply chain problems, namely blinking and insensitive touchscreens. A problem important enough to consider not putting the product on sale within the stipulated time.

If these new rumors are confirmed, We will have a new Apple Watch this September. Good news for Apple and users.

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